Airstar Space Lighting Opens New York Office


As part of its expansion campaign, Airstar Space Lighting has established a joint venture in the New York and New Jersey markets. The new venture partners Airstar with Rob Hulsmeyer and Jaclyn Bernstein, owners of Empire Force Events in New York. Hulsmeyer has named Susan Valentine director of sales.

“The response of the New York special-event industry has been incredible,” says Valentine, “In the few short months since we officially opened here, we have provided a bouquet of 21’-diameter, pink-and-white lighting balloons for a Bat Mitzvah; designed ten huge lighting balloons as tennis balls for a themed birthday event with renowned New York designer Philip Baloun; and gained national media notice on CNN for an installation at the release party for the Scooby Doo DVD.”

Airstar, the originator and world leader in lighting balloons, manufactures spheres of various sizes, from three to more than 20’ in diameter, incorporating either halogen or metal halide discharge lamp systems. The assortment includes both air- and helium-filled systems. Airstair products are use in television, film, special events, exhibitions, and other areas.

Airstar has offices in Los Angeles, Austin, and Orlando, with numerous affiliates and distribution partners found around the US and throughout the world.

The new contact information is Airstar New York, 71 West 23rd Street, Sixth Floor, New York, NY 10010. Phone: 212-255-3299. Email: [email protected] Website:

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