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audio engineer and production manager lee moro

5Qs: Lee Moro VP, Live Productions, Solotech US

Nashville-based, Lee Moro comes from the sound industry, with six years at Meyer Sound and 28 years as production manager and audio engineer at LM Productions. In July 2019, he moved into a new position at Solotech, an international entertainment and audiovisual technology company, where he started working in 2014. Live Design chats with Moro about current role as VP, Live Productions.

1. What brings you to Solotech?

Just to clarify, I have been with the company for five years. Richard Lachance, who launched the global touring division for Solotech, and Dean Roney, VP of touring, brought me onboard in 2014. I had worked with Solotech many, many times as a touring audio engineer and production manager. Always had tremendous respect for Solotech and the people in the company—very intelligent and passionate company with good people in it.

2. What can you tell us about their Live Productions Division?

Solotech was always a solutions company with some of the most passionate and educated team in the industry, with a unique intelligent perspective at the touring and event industry and really creative thinking. They have really grown over the last five years that I have been here, from making a ripple to being a major wave out there. The company has fully surfaced now, from a few big tours around the world to last year being part of seven of the top 10 grossing tours. The company learned from taking care of Cirque du Soleil for years on their major tours, which pushed the company to come up with efficient and smart, successful solutions to facilitate the high standards of the cirque world. Lately, Solotech has been involved with such great productions like The Lumineers, Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, JT, Chance the Rapper, P!nk, Michael Bublé, Hugh Jackman, Celine Dion, Mumford and Sons, and many more. It is a list we are all beyond proud to be part of. And the biggest success story is the talented men and woman out there executing these productions. They are what Solotech is—talented and passionate. Can’t say enough about how amazed we all are to have such amazing people out there doing what they do so well.  

3. What are your five-year goals?

To maintain the values of the company that came from the inception of it. Passion and quality work. Driven by service and solutions. Continue to maintain our growth globally and extend our footprint in more major markets. Be on the forefront of technology. Like to be part of that cutting creative process. It is why we got into this crazy business…to see the plan come to life from the napkin sketch to that opening night.  

4. What are the biggest challenges in the industry today?

Staffing is one. We have the best technicians in the industry but still such a need for new talented individuals that want to have a great career in this business. Another challenge is just staying up with technology. It is moving so fast. It’s really exciting but always makes for a lot of conversations of what to invest in.

5. What advice would you give college students who want to enter the live events business?

Educate yourself…There are a lot of workshops, training, and schools out there. Find the field that interests you and invest yourself into education. Go work for vendors in the shop. Learn the ropes. That is a great way to launch yourself and figure out what may interest you.

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