5Qs: Lauren Shaw, President Of SpinFX

Lauren Shaw was searching for a creative outlet when she was introduced to hula-hooping. It inspired her so much, transforming her body and mind, that she quit her desk job and became a professional hoop dancer. To up her act, she acquired an LED hoop that motivated her to collaborate with two engineers, resulting in SpinFX Pro Hoop, which can be customized to project 3D logos, pictures, or words.

Shaw officially launched her company SpinFX in 2013, and since then, has directed acts for Zappos, KIA, Malibu Rum, and more. She recently discussed building your own smart LED fixtures and appliances during panel session, DIY Lighting with Smart LEDs and Microcontrollers, at LDI2017.

Live Design chatted with Shaw about her illuminating career and panel discussion.

TAGS: Theatre
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