5Qs: Ela Brunel Hawes, Co-Founder Of EBH Luminaire

Ela Brunel Hawes

After a six-year break, house DJs Way Out West (WOW) hit the road again with young, UK-based multimedia company, EBH Luminaire, as their touring visuals specialist. Founded by Ela Brunel Hawes and Daniel Shutt, EBH Luminaire specializes in AV and concert visuals, public art and light installations, film, and photography. Numerous bands and DJs have sported EBH’s live visuals, and the company’s installations have been exhibited at renowned festivals in UK and Europe, including the 2015 Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf. For a month, Hawes, Shutt, Alice Jarre, and Francesco Ferlito created visuals for 90 minutes of content on WOW’s tour, which also made a stop at the Glastonbury Festival.

Live Design caught up with EBH Luminaire co-founder and visual artist Hawes about WOW and the company.

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