Moby-Dick at San Francisco Opera Cory Weaver
Moby-Dick at San Francisco Opera

5@5: Moby-Dick, Eurovision Rigging, Audio At LDI, Notch, & More

This week's industry news round-up includes Moby-Dick the opera, rigging at Eurovision, LDI2017 spotlight on pro audio, award winning Notch, and more.

The 5@5 is released every Thursday at 5pm EST as a round-up of the week's top entertainment design and technology items, so you can stay up to date on industry news.

Designing And Staging Moby-Dick, The Opera

Moby-Dick, the opera comes to life with sets by Robert Brill, projections by Elaine McCarthy, lighting by Don Holder and Gavan Swift, and costumes by Jane Greenwood.

Audio Makes A Triple Play At LDI2017

LDI2017 brings audio into the spotlight with Live Outside, a new audio pavilion, and professional training options.

Projection Product Of The Year, Software: Notch

A panel of prestigious judges selected Notch in the projection category for a Live Design 2016-17 Product of the Year. "Notch gives designers incredible power to be flexible to the very last step in production,” enthuses one of our judges.

Lighting Plot And Gear List For The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Bob Dickinson and Travis Hagenbuch of Full Flood share their lighting plots for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

A Look At The Rigging For Eurovision 2017

In this video, head rigger John Van Look provides insight into the rigging at Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

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