5@5: Effects Engines, Product Demos, LED Panels, And More So You Think You Can Dance, lighting by Bob Barnhart. Photo by Madigan Stehly

[email protected]: Effects Engines, Product Demos, LED Panels, And More

The [email protected] is released every Thursday at 5pm as a round-up of the week's top entertainment design and technology items, so you can stay up to date on industry news.

10 New Lighting Product Demos From The Summer

As the summer draws to a close, Live Design looks at the lighting product demos and technical presentations that manufacturers posted over the summer months. Check out these new lighting product demos.

The Live Design August 2016 Digital Edition Is Here

The digital edition of August 2016 issue of Live Design is now available as an interactive PDF. The issue features the projection design for the Opening Ceremony for Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games and more. Read the digital edition.

Meet 22 Degrees, A New Lighting Design Firm

Bob Barnhart and Jon Kusner discuss new lighting firm, 22 Degrees, Inc., founded along with designer Matthew Firestone and project coordinator Marie Turner. Meet Barnhart and Kusner.

Worldstage Wraps Lyft GBTA Booth With High-Red LED Panels

Lyft dazzled attendees at the Global Business Travel Association's (GBTA) recent convention with a booth wrapped with LED video panels from WorldStage. Check out the design.

Part Two Of Mastering Effects Engines And Lighting Networks

"The Art Of Programming: Mastering Effects Engines & Lighting Networks, Part Two" discusses networking within lighting systems and various protocols such as Art-Net, s(ACN), Kling-Net and more. Watch Part One and Part Two of this free On Demand video.

Stay tuned for next week's round-up of current industry news and content.

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