Red Hot Chili Peppers Getaway Tour photo by Ralph Larmann Red Hot Chili Peppers' Getaway Tour; photo by Ralph Larmann

[email protected]: Chili Peppers, TD Survival Guide, Phish NYE Gag, And More

The [email protected] is released every Thursday at 5pm as a round-up of the week's top entertainment design and technology items, so you can stay up to date on industry news.

Chili Peppers Get Away With Largest Touring Kinetic Lighting Installation

Production designer Scott Holthaus and lighting programmer Lief Dixon discuss the stage and lighting design for Red Hot Chili Peppers' Getaway Tour, featuring the largest touring kinetic lighting installation.

The Technical Director's Survival Manual

Technical directors and prop masters live and die by their "Bag-O-Tricks." No matter how complicated the show is, there are usually one or two items that a resourceful technician can pull and/or modify from stock. Watch Parts One and Two.

Lightswitch Designs Bespoke Holiday Light Experiences On Opposite Coasts

John Featherstone and Chris Medvitz, principals of Lightswitch, Inc., bring bespoke outdoor holiday lighting experiences to life on opposite coasts.

Clifton Taylor's Lighting Plots For Fall For Dance 2016

Lighting designer Clifton Taylor shares the lighting plots from this year's Fall For Dance at New York City Center, for which he has been the lighting director since 2004.

Phish's 25 Minutes Of Madness With David Gallo

Creative director David Gallo shares videos and storyboards for Phish's 2017 New Year's gag, which took nine months to plan.

BONUS! The December 2016 Issue Of Live Design

The December 2016 issue of Live Design features the designs for Twenty One Pilots’ Emotional Roadshow Tour, Pet Shop Boys’ Inner Sanctum residency and Super TourNatasha, Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812 at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre, and more. Read the issue on Apple or Android tablets and smartphones, or read it as a interactive PDF.

Stay tuned for next week's round-up of current industry news and content.

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