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The 1975 ABIIOR World Tour production design Tobias Rylander Jordan Hughes
LED tunnel at The 1975's ABIIOR World Tour

5@5: The 1975, Rent: Live, Projection Summit, & More

This week's industry news includes stage design and light plots for The 1975's latest tour, set design for Rent: Live, projection mapping for Jenkins, memorial service for ETC's Fred Foster, and more.

The 5@5 is released every Thursday at 5pm EST as a round-up of the week's top entertainment design and technology items, so you can stay up to date on industry news.

Explore The 1975's ABIIOR World Tour

Tobias Rylander’s stage design includes moving LED cubes, as well as an LED tunnel complete with a door, a treadmill built into the downstage edge, and a frame roof of LED Strips. And check out the lighting plots here.

By Design: Jason Sherwood’s Sets For Rent: Live

Rent: Live represents production designer Jason Sherwood's first set design for a full-length, major TV broadcast, for which he used scaffolding to evoke New York City in a non-naturalistic way and convey an overall industrial sense.

Immersive Maps 2018 Jenkins World Tour

At the 2018 Jenkins World Tour, production company Immersive  wowed 2,500 attendees with a projection mapping show across two wide screens plus a third in the shape of a globe.

Memorial Service Announced for Fred Foster

ETC invites you to join them as they celebrate the creativity, kindness, and compassion of this industry icon who has impacted us all in many ways. 

LDI Projection Mapping Summit: Watchout

In this LDI video session, Jim Testa discusses the ins and outs of Dataton Watchout during the Projection Mapping Summit. Subscribe to watch now!

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