52nd Tyrone Guthrie Awards Include Awards To Stratford Festival Design Staff


The Tyrone Guthrie Awards, an annual event at Canada's Stratford Festival (www.stratford-festival.on.ca) since its second season in 1954, were presented on Saturday evening, September 17, 2005, in the Paul D. Fleck Marquee. Company members, theatre staff and alumni received more than $48,000 in cash awards.

Named for the Tyrone Guthrie, the Festival's first artistic director, the awards were created by members of the first acting company. Intended to provide financial assistance for training, development and special projects, they are funded each year by the proceeds from two designated performances, plus income from endowed awards.

All members of the festival company and staff, both past and present, are eligible for these awards and are invited to submit applications. The 2005 Guthrie Awards committee, chaired by actor Thom Allison, consists of actors Laura Condlln, Laird Mackintosh and Brian Tree; stage manager Martine Beland; head of coaching Janine Pearson; Festival Theatre master electrician Alec Cooper; and Gerry Altenburg, head of wigs and makeup, Avon Theatre.

In addition to the awards given from the general fund, the following named awards are administered by the committee:

2005 Tyrone Guthrie Award Design Winners:
*Tom Patterson Award (for designer in training): Gillian Gallow
*Renato La Selva Award (for member of the wardrobe department): Elizabeth Copeman and Terri Dans
*Dama Lumley Bell Award (for training or to recognize achievement in production crafts): Kevin Kemp

In addition to these named awards, the committee also granted funds for projects submitted by:

  • Joan Scheerer, production/wardrobe
  • Philip Sparks, design
  • Sean Mulcahy, design
  • Martin Penner, production/crew
  • Linda Pinhay, production/wardrobe
  • Sean Hirtle, production/technical direction
  • Jessica Elsbrie, production/wigs and makeup
  • Sherri Catt, design
  • Helen Flower, production/wardrobe
  • Lindsay Walker, design
The committee also granted several unsolicited awards to company and staff members:
  • Jenny Sinclair, stage management
  • Holly Korhonen, stage management
  • Torin Buzek, production/crew

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