[email protected]: Moulin Rouge!, Electric Forest, Glastonbury, & More

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(Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images) IICON stage at Glastonbury Festival 2019

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By Design: Justin Townsend Lights Moulin Rouge

Justin Townsend combines a historic sense of turn-of-the-century theatre with modern lighting techniques for his lighting design for Moulin Rouge! The Musical, which recently opened on Broadway.

Electrifying Projections at Electric Forest Festival

From June 27-30, Electric Forest Music Festival took over Sherwood Forest in Rothbury, MI with experiential art installations, improvisational performers, and stunning projections. Sherwood Forest was transformed with video content via Epson projectors rigged to trees 50' in the air.

Pangea Takes Center Stage At Glastonbury 2019

175,000 attendees witnessed a total of 2,800 performances across 79 stages, one being the latest Arcadia spectacular, Pangea, a 164' crane structure, that towered over the crowd. Check out some of the various stage designs, lighting rigs, and sound systems.

PRG and 3D Live Bring Holographic 3D to Live Events

PRG and 3D Live, Inc. announce an exclusive partnership to provide 3D LED technology to live event clients. PRG will offer Los Angeles-based 3D Live’s patented “holographic” 3D LED display technology and 3D Live will exclusively use PRG’s LED walls on its productions.

Thought Leader of the Week: Louise Murray, President, Los Angeles Studio, Thinkwell Group

Louise “Lou” Murray recently joined Thinkwell Group as president of their Los Angeles Studio. Live Design chats with her as she settles into her new position and outlines her plans for the future, as well as current projects on Thinkwell’s radar. 

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