2015 Young Designer To Watch, David Crawford, Sound Designer/Mixer/Engineer

Meet David Crawford, sound designer, mixer, and engineer, and recently named one of Live Design's 2015 Young Designers To Watch.

Residence: New York, NY

Current project(s): Annie, Happy 50ish, Home Street Home, Pearl

Most notable achievements: My sound design of Pearl at the State Theatre: Abe Jacob was my lead/mentor throughout the entire process.

When I started in this industry: When all my friends were in the fifth grade talent  show, and I wanted to be a part of it, but knew being on stage wasn’t how I wanted to contribute to the collaborative process.

Happy 50ish. Photo by David Crawford.


How I got into this industry: I got involved in elementary school, which led me to the middle school musical productions, then progressed to our local community theatre in high school. After that, I pursued a BA in theatre at UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television, where I lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years after school. I designed musicals both in and out of Los Angeles for a number of years. A year ago, I moved to New York City to continue my passion for sound design.

Influences: Jonathan Burke, Jonathan Deans, Phil Allen, Abe Jacob, Carl Casella (RIP)

Worst advice I’ve ever heard: “Pray and hope it works out!”

Best advice I’ve ever heard: “Don’t let your mistakes define you, but rather how you correct, learn, and move on from them.”

Pearl show. Photo by David Crawford.


My favorite thing about the production industry: I love hanging out with everyone at the shop and hearing about all the different techniques and gear that can be used effectively in various capacities.

Favorite design/programming/technical trick: I love using band source speakers when the band is on stage to serve as both a source for the band but also as onstage monitors for the actors. Landing it as a DCA really allows you and/or your mixer to enhance the dynamics of the show.

Plans for the future: I plan to continue to design and mix musicals around the country. Whether that means here in New York, another state, or on tour, I love what I do, and I’ll travel wherever I need to be to pursue my love for sound.

Other interests/side gigs: I love to explore the outdoors wherever I am. I love to walk, hike, bike, snowboard, or waterski, depending on the season. I also love to cook when I am able to, and most importantly, I am a huge Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco Giants fan. My side gigs include audio support for large concerts including the iHeart Radio Musical Festival, Global Citizen Concert in Central Park, and the annual Robin Hood Gala at the Javits Center.

Awards, honors: IASTE Young Workers Conference – 829 Representative; 2014 NAACP Local Theatre Sound Design Award; Meyer Sound Scholarship Award to the Broadway Sound Master Classes in 2013

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