2015 Meyer Sound Scholarship Winners Announced 2015 Meyer Sound Scholarship winners (LTR): Gavin Caanan of Meyer Sound; Tyler Kieffer: Michael Vultaggio; Taryn Chester; Richard Gould; Rosio Medina; Lindsey Wagner; Ashely Hanson of Meyer Sound; sound designer Abe Jacob. Photo credit: Paul Fronc

2015 Meyer Sound Scholarship Winners Announced

For the fifth consecutive year, Meyer Sound and Live Design are pleased to announce the winners of the annual John and Helen Meyer Scholarships to the Live Design Master Classes. The awards were presented by Meyer Sound’s Gavin Canaan and Ashley Hanson, along with legendary sound designer Abe Jacob, on Friday, June 5 as part of the New York Master Classes: Sound.

In 2011, Meyer Sound established the John and Helen Meyer Scholarships, which are available to promising sound designers from around the world, allowing them to attend the Broadway Sound Master Classes (BSMC), and now, the recently redesigned NYMC Sound. Once again, Live Design is pleased to honor a great group of six budding sound designers, from students to young professionals. To date, the winners have come from as far afield as China, Germany, and Greece, with the majority from the United States.

Taryn Chester: Southern Connecticut State University (going into sophomore year)

Richard Gould: Skywalker Sound (audio post-production services)

Tyler Kieffer: Yale School of Drama, sound design, MFA 2015

Rosio Medina: University of North Carolina School of The Arts, BFA sound design, May 2015

Michael Vultaggio: Carnegie Mellon University, BFA sound design, 2017

Lindsey Wagner: sound engineer, 2014-15 Long Wharf Theatre Resident Program

“The classes provide a great opportunity for those with a passion for theatrical art and a drive to learn from the industry’s best. Meyer Sound is pleased to continue our support for the program and the scholarship winners. We look forward to hearing their work on Broadway and beyond,” says Helen Meyer, executive vice president, Meyer Sound.

Past winners:

2011: David Corsello, Alyssha Iishi, William Fallon, Daniel Lundberg, Joshua Reid, and Jessica Weeks

2012: John DaSilva, Anthony Mattana, Jeff Sherwood, Rebecca Stoll, Katherine Vamva, Chris Wood

2013: Jacqueline Anscombe, Maggie Burke, Alexandria Bottiglieri, David Crawford, Rachel Miller, Torben Kärst

2014: Ben Bloomberg, Ai Chen, Dan Miele, Mackenzie Ellis, Lamar Farr, Shannon O'Neill

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