2011 Oscar Projections

Here's a look at the rig set-up as designed by Dave Taylor at SenovvA. The Hippotizers were programmed by Jason Rudolph with 53 discrete outputs in the system, and controlled by an MA Lighting grandMA console. Stay tuned for more on the design of the great-looking Oscars broadcast.

Drawings courtesy of SenovvA

Oscars Projection Gear List


12 - Barco FLM HD20

18 - Barco FLM R22+ 

40 - Christie HD10K-M

2 - Christie Roadster HD18K

1 - Panasonic PT-DZ12000

Media servers:

Green Hippo Hippotizers

Control for media servers:

MA Lighting grandMA console

1 - Stewart Filmscreen 100 25-2" x 43'-10" Rear Screen
1 - Stewart Snomatte 100 30'-0" x 16' 10.5" Front Screen - Borderless Frame
2 - Stewart Snomatte 100 16'-0" x 9'-0" Front Screens
36 - Panels 8'-0" x 2'-6" 1/2" Acrylic coated with ProDisplay Clearview Film
40 - Custom Portal Screens - AV Stumpfl RP Material
1 - 3'-9" Circle of 1/2" Acrylic coated with Pro Display Clearview Film

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