Bring the ETCP Exams to You

Would you like the ETCP Exams brought to your organization? Some groups have found that it is helpful to organize training or study groups to prepare and refresh and then offer the exams immediately after in a group setting. If you are interested in hosting the exams, here is some information that might be helpful to you:

  • To schedule an on-site test administration, you must have at least ten candidates, and it does not matter whether the candidates are all taking the same exam or whether they are split between multiple exams.
  • All three exams may be offered for on-site testing. The exams may be offered concurrently or consecutively if you have candidates wishing to take more than one exam.
  • Your organization may request a specific date for the exam to be administered, subject to availability of proctors. Please be sure to submit at least one alternate date.
  • Agreements for on-site test administrations must be submitted at least twelve weeks prior to the date of the requested examination. Submitting the request to ETCP as early as possible will help ensure that there are proctors available on your requested date.
  • All candidates wishing to take the examinations must fill out applications and submit them to ETCP at least six weeks before the scheduled date of the examination. It must be noted on the application that the candidate wishes to take the exam at your on-site location.
  • ETCP will send out notices to candidates who are accepted to sit for the exam with the location and time of your on-site administration.
  • Your organization may provide a location for testing, but the site must meet the specifications set forth by Applied Measurement Professionals, our testing company. A testing site can be provided by AMP, but additional fees will apply.
  • ETCP and AMP will send out notices to the candidates with examination results within six weeks of the exam date.
  • Passing candidates will receive an ID card, certificate, patch, pin and sticker, and will be added to the list of certified technicians on the ETCP website.
  • If a candidate receives a failing score he/she may re-take the exam at one of AMP’s 190 Computer-Based Testing Centers. Notice of intention to re-take the test must be submitted in writing to ETCP along with a fee of $150.00.

Interested? Please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett at 212.244.1505 or [email protected] for more information.