Watchout 6.2 Released

WATCHOUT Version 6.2 has been released by Dataton. It features NDI support for for video-over-IP and ASIO/WASAPI support allowing up to 24 channels of audio per server. Show Sage, Dataton's North American Premium Partner and Master Distributor is offering a 15% discount on license upgrades through January 26, 2018.

WATCHOUT! Something new and exciting is coming your way

Dataton has just released version 6.2 of their award winning WATCHOUT™ multi-display software. This latest upgrade, free to all WATCHOUT version 6 license owners, has several new capabilities along with more than 100 fixes and tweaks. And to celebrate, we are offering a limited time discount opportunity on upgrades!

Chief among WATCHOUT 6.2’s new features is support for Newtek’s NDI (Network Device Interface) free protocol for video-over-IP.  This new technology allows multiple video streams on a shared connection and supports high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video over standard Ethernet networks.  For the WATCHOUT user, the addition of NDI means simpler setups and expanded possibilities for video input in your shows.  Produce your WATCHOUT shows in a completely new way using sources from all over your network. You are no longer limited to what’s physically connected to your video capture card!  Additional benefits include lower deployment costs from not having to invest in a dedicated signal distribution infrastructure and greater flexibility in designing your installations.  Learn more about NDI
On the audio side, WATCHOUT 6.2’s audio renderer has been completely reworked and now supports Steinberg’s ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) interface and Microsoft’s similar WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) interface.  These technologies give WATCHOUT a direct connection to the audio interface.  This allows WATCHOUT access to up to 24 channels of low latency, high fidelity synchronized audio per media server.  Learn more about ASIO and WASAPI

The sweetest part yet!

In conjunction with the release of the upgrade, Show Sage, Dataton’s North American Premium Partner and Master Distributor is pleased to offer a special limited time upgrade opportunity.  From now through January 26th we are offering upgrades from WATCHOUT version 5 to version 6 for a 15% discount off our regular prices.  Upgrades from earlier versions of WATCHOUT will also receive a discount. 
Please note that due to the holidays, there may be some delays over our traditional next day service for electronic upgrades.
With the exciting new features of WATCHOUT 6.2 and this special offer, there has never been a better time to upgrade from an earlier WATCHOUT version and to gain all the latest benefits of today’s WATCHOUT.  As always, any future incremental updates to WATCHOUT within version 6 will be included in your upgraded license.
Please contact Show Sage at 847-261-9205 or [email protected] for more information.
Happy Holidays from the Show Sage team!

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