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Wally Russell Foundation for theatrical lighting industry

The Wally Russell Foundation Makes Fourth $10,000 Contribution to USITT

The Wally Russell Foundation, a not-for-profit charity founded in 1992 in memory of the achievements of Wally Russell to the Theatrical Lighting Industry, announced today that it was contributing for the fourth year in a row, $10,000.00 to the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT).

To date, the Wally Foundation has contributed $40,000.00 to USITT.

“Five years ago, the Wally Foundation was looking to create a permanent remembrance of Wally Russell," said Tom Folsom, Chairman of the Foundation. Board Members of the Foundation including Richard Pilbrow and Jennifer White, (Wally’s daughter) met with David Grindle and others representing USITT and created the Wally Russell Mentoring Award and also provided for the annual Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award Breakfast.

To assist USITT in underwriting these awards and events, the Wally Foundation agreed to provide at minimum, $50,000.00 over a 5-year period to USITT.

David Grindle, Executive Director of USITT commented, “We have enjoyed working with the Wally Foundation and feel that the Wally Russell Mentor Award and the Wally Lifetime Achievement Breakfast are providing important member recognition during the annual USITT Conference and Trade Expo.”

“We are grateful for the support of the Wally Foundation and look forward to continuing our relationship,” he concluded.

For further information or to make a contribution, please visit or

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