Aerial view of Upstage Video LED screens on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for the 2015 Pope visit in Philadelphia Bruce Neumann
<p>Aerial view of Upstage Video LED screens on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for the 2015 Pope visit in Philadelphia. </p>

Upstage Video Brings The Pope To The People In Philadelphia, New York, And Washington DC

Upstage Video provided more than 35 LED screens for Papal events on the East Coast.

All around the Philadelphia area, organizations prepared for the largest and most historic event of the decade, The World Meeting of Families. One person, Pope Francis, took the stage in front of one million people to talk about faith, hope and prayer. Attendees gathered along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and surrounding areas that extended from City Hall to The Philadelphia Art Museum.

It was the responsibility of Upstage Video to extend the weekend’s activities to the overflowing crowds that stretched along the parkway. The company, well known for their expertise in designing and delivering video systems to the world’s most demanding live events, was up for the challenge of displaying the most important moments. From the Pope’s arrival at Philadelphia International Airport, to musical performances featuring Aretha Franklin and Andrea Bocelli, to a gigantic open air mass on Sunday, the LED screens played an important role in delivering an intimate experience from blocks away.

Pope Francis’ visit was without a doubt the largest single-site, multiple screen event in history. In addition to the 31 LED screens at the main event in Philadelphia, Upstage Video also provided screens for Papal events that took place in Washington, DC and New York City. “We assemble the most experienced team in the world to tackle these mega events,” says Doug Murray, President of Upstage Video. “In addition to our own in-house tech leads, Geza Divenyi, Christian Mathews and Greg Brown, we called upon Pieter Lambert of the Belgian firm, Photonics. Pieter is a world-renowned live events, video systems designer. When we put together our technical footprint his insight was invaluable.”

Upstage Video utilized a combination of Liantronics and ROE LED products for the event. Over 160 square meters of brand new ROE MC-7 (7mm indoor/outdoor LED) panels were used along the parkway while Liantronics RK-6 (6mm indoor/outdoor LED) panels flanked the stage. “We delivered a flawless show to an audience of over one million people on an urban site that stretched over 3 miles and 30 city blocks, a tall order by anyone’s standards. To say we are proud of our crew would be an understatement,” said Murray.

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UPSTAGE VIDEO is the nation’s premiere LED screen provider specializing in modular video screen solutions of all sizes, mobile video trailers and trucks and multi-camera production.  Their screens have been seen at some of the nation’s biggest events including NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games, political and corporate events, major concerts and festivals, and countless other events. Upstage Video believes that it is their people and practices that make them a standout in the event industry and strives to be “the best in their field, with the best people and the best technology the world has to offer.”

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