ATOMIC's un-panel product line

Unconventional un-panel Joins Atomic

ATOMIC Introduces New 3D SuperLever Product Line

 ATOMIC, a creative company providing rental solutions, set construction, design and production services for the live event industry, introduces a new modular product line: the un-panels. This product line takes existing SuperLever technology to a whole new level. Step aside squares, here come funky 3D panels that flex and shine! Rotate the un-panel to create the “u” and “n” shapes which define this new product line, then simply snap them together with frosted, flexible inserts that pack small but play big when assembled to create the 3D shapes. The un-panels connect with ATOMIC’s patented SuperLever system but have a look of their own with lots of negative space and layers.

The un-panel product line modulates in a big, bold way. No longer square modules, the un-panels are a subtle nod to mid-century motifs that inspired the ATOMIC designers. Each un-panel insert was designed to complement the “frame” of un-panel.  The un-panel product line can be built into walls, columns or backdrops with no tools or additional hardware (that’s right, zilch). The negative space along with the frosted plastic inserts on the un-panel product line are optimal for internal, front or back lighting. 

The un-panel look is created by connecting one un-panel with a second rotated un-panel, then snapping in a crazy, cool insert like un-bend, un-curve, un-cut, un-reel, un-roll or un-split. The inserts allow designers to generate multiple patterns, textures, and vibes within the backdrop or wall. Move away from traditional modular backdrops and get crazy with the un-panels.  Call us today at 717-626-4408 about renting the un-panel product line and to request CAD files for your next design!



Headquartered in Lititz, PA, ATOMIC is a creative company in the business of live events and environments for entertainment and brand communication. ATOMIC has a diverse collection of creatives. Our team of producers, designers, engineers, artists, storytellers, technicians and craftsmen provide set construction, rental solutions, design and production services to clients across the globe. Established in 1994, ATOMIC is rooted in the rock & roll industry, joining Clair Global and TAIT in Lititz, PA as part of the Rock Lititz industry cluster. Now with a presence in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Frankfurt and Tokyo, ATOMIC serves clients from television networks to global brands to designers and artists. ATOMIC drives each project forward. No Surprises. Unique Results. For more information on ATOMIC please visit

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