Stage-Tech Colors How the West Was Won With Elation Platinum 1200 Wash

Leading California production company, Stage-Tech Productions, has an extensive inventory of Elation Professional lighting gear at its disposal and turned to its newest addition, Elation’s super bright Platinum 1200 Wash™, to light one of the hottest hip hop shows of the year, 2017’s How the West Was Won. West Coast hip hop and rap lovers gathered at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California, this past fall for the 2017 edition of the festival with Snoop Dogg himself headlining, along with other top acts E-40, DJ Quik, Suga Free and more.

Stage-Tech delivered an impactful lighting package that included Elation’s powerful LED-based Platinum 1200 Wash, a lighting wash fixture that Stage-Tech’s Jeff Pardee explains has filled an important role in their inventory. “We went back and forth between the Platinum 1200 Wash and another product and it boiled down to what we do as a company and where we're going to get the most out of a fixture,” said Pardee, who served as lead tech on How the West Was Won. “With how punchy they are, their brightness and zoom, just the overall package, they are a lot of fun and do everything we ask them to do.”

The Platinum 1200 Wash is an exceptionally bright RGBW wash luminaire that puts down a beautiful flood of color, even from a high trim height. With its 19 x 65W LED engine, it produces color washes as bright as 1500W discharge fixtures. A 5-50-degree motorized zoom and unique effects possibilities from pixel and pixel ring control make for an extremely useful, all-purpose power wash light. Stage Tech used 12 of the fixtures for How the West Was Won as that was all they had in inventory at the time. Since then, however, the Santa Fe Springs, CA-based company has added 8 more units and now hold 20 Platinum 1200 Wash in their stock. “When we first bought them, we used them to see the full extent of what we could use them for,” Pardee states, “so we only bought what we needed for the show. Now we use them on all kinds of shows and events and have found they outperform all of the designers who have used them.”

On How the West Was Won, a row of Platinum 1200 Wash fixtures on pre-rigged truss were spread left to right about 80 feet across and used as colorful stage fill. Dustin Mansell, a freelance lighting pro who often works with Stage Tech, says he had the opportunity to use the fixture’s effects and they “definitely lit up the stage and made the stage glow.”

Pardee, who handles lighting design, programming and tech duties at Stage Tech, added, “I don't think we've quite pushed them to their limit yet but we're starting to stretch their legs and really expand on what they can do and everything I've thrown at them. There were no problems with the rig - it just performed. The guest LDs that came through were awesome. It's always good to know that the rig can outperform you so there's nothing I could have done that it couldn't do for me. That's a peace of mind that I like and that's why I like them.”

The How the West Was Won rig also included Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme™ beam lights, a favorite of both Pardee and Mansell. In fact, most Stage Tech projects include Elation gear, including the popular Hard Summer rave events, which Stage-Tech has been working since the launch of Elation’s Platinum Beam in 2010. “We’ve had Elation on Hard Summer each year and there aren't many shows we do now that we don't have Elation, from eNodes to full lighting packages,” Pardee says. At 2017’s Hard Summer Music Festival, Stage-Tech delivered a lighting package for the Hard and Pink stages that included Platinum Beam 5R Extreme™ beam lights, Platinum FLX™ hybrid moving heads, ACL 360 Matrix™ LED moving panels, ACL 360 Bar™ color-changing LED battens, and Lumina Strips™ with video and graphics displayed on Elation EPV375 HO™ transparent LED video panels and 20 mm EVLED 1024T LED panels.

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