ShowCat, LLC- Representatives Of Main Light Industries And Atomic

After many years in the entertainment production industry, Noel Duncan, Gary Mass, and Nick Freed have introduced their latest project for the production community. ShowCat, LLC is a full source rental facility representing the best and most exciting materials available for an event. ShowCat is located in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area within one mile of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, boasting a wide array of Main Light Industries cutting edge production gear and Atomic Rental Solutions’ modular scenery and soft goods.
Best explained in his own words, “We were trying to accomplish several different tasks with the idea of ShowCat. We knew we wanted to work together with several different companies, yet none of them could compete with each other, and the main idea was to adhere to ‘absolute neutrality’ in the marketplace. Main Light Industries was the first company we looked to, as they’ve managed this ‘absolute neutrality’ for years” stated Freed. “Our dynamic experience, be it design, production, manufacturing, or distribution lead us to the idea that we could have multiple partners within the same rental facility, but not just any partner, top brand names such as Main Light Industries and Atomic. These are proven, well known brands that lead the production industry on all levels.”
Gary Mass added, “This is truly a partnership to where ShowCat is a virtual extension of these companies. When you are dealing with a ShowCat representative, you are dealing directly with the companies represented, most importantly getting a seamless experience as if the company was based in South Florida.”
ShowCat is 100% operational with full stock of Main Light Industries production gear and
Atomic Rental Solutions’ modular scenery and soft goods as of October 15th, 2014.
About Main Light Industries:
Main Light Industries, Inc. has been serving the professional entertainment industry for over 25 years, it is also a full service lighting production company serving a variety of clients including theatre, corporate, events, schools, touring, and television. They specialize in digital lighting elements including Media Servers, Consoles, Barco High End Systems DL.2 and DL.3 Moving Head Projectors, Martin Professional, Clay Paky, and more.
For more information on Main Light please visit: or call 302-998-8017
About Atomic:
Headquartered in Lititz, PA, ATOMIC is a creative company in the business of live events for entertainment and brand communication. ATOMIC has a diverse collection of creatives. Our team of producers, designers, engineers, moviemakers, artists, storytellers, technicians and craftsmen provide set construction, rental solutions, lighting, design and production services to clients across the globe. Established in 1994, ATOMIC is rooted in the rock & roll industry, joining Clair Global and Tait Towers in Lititz, PA–the “backstage to the con- cert world”–to create the trifecta known as Rock Lititz. Now with a presence in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Brisbane, Rio de Janeiro, Edmonton and Singapore, ATOMIC serves clients from television networks to global brands to designers and artists. ATOMIC drives each project forward. No Surprises. Unique Results.
For more information on ATOMIC please visit: or call 717-626-4408
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