Robe Goes OffRamp

Robe Goes OffRamp

OffRamp is a production company based in the San Andres area of Buenos Aires headed by José Luis López. He started this company four years ago, and himself has 20 years of experience at the sharp end of the entertainment technology industry.

Recently, OffRamp invested in Robe MMX WashBeams which were supplied through Argentinean distributor, TSD Group.

The company owns a carefully selected quantity of sound, lighting and video equipment that is utilized on their own shows, for which they will usually provide the full technical production including design. They have a portfolio of many high profile corporate clients and brands and service numerous prestigious events.

Jose Luis explains that they chose Robe after much careful deliberation, primarily because of  the brand’s reputation for “Reliability and quality engineering".

"Being able to offer these Robe fixtures to our clients has already been a real enhancement to our business - the levels at which we are working means we need to offer the best standards of excellence and so Robe’s status internationally helps underline this” he states.

The MMX WashBeams are OffRamp’s first Robe investment … but they won’t be the last!

The products were also chosen for their versatility – the MMX WashBeam can perform equally well as a spot or wash fixture, and even using a relatively small quantity of lights, this means that they can go ‘a long way’.

The OffRamp WashBeams have been out on numerous projects including the TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) Argentina event staged at Tecnópolis in Buenos Aires, attended by 10,000 people and streamed over the Internet (being a world record).

Another was the “InnovatiBA” convention at LA Usina del Arte. Both shows were produced by the companies Buenos Aires BeMotion and Agencia Capital.

These events needed careful lighting for camera, taking into consideration the huge audience watching via the internet, and the producers also put a big emphasis on the audiovisual quality for the delegates watching live. The lighting was designed by Adrian Cushnir who works as LD on most of OffRamp's major shows.

Adrian now likes to use the MMX WashBeams whenever possible! Another of his shows to do so was “InnovAR”, an exhibition for various different creative businesses in Buenos Aires and also on the main stage at the 2014 Nosotros Rock festival, which showed that the MMXs looked equally as good in that very different environment as well as for the conferences.

Having seen the impact and effect of the MMXWashBeams on their shows OffRamp are now keen to use more Robe products!

Jose Luis was originally introduced to Robe by another well known Argentinean Lighting designer Marcelo Cuervo who first saw Robes on tour with maverick rock band Deep Purple … their LD, Louis Ball, was one of the very first adopters of Robe after the brand was launched in 2002.

He then visited Robe at PLASA and other international entertainment technology expos, which  led to meeting Robe’s Latin American Sales Manager Guillermo Traverso who acquainted him further with the brand, and down the line … this all led to the purchase.

OffRamp has 6 full time staff at the moment and works with a wider pool of freelancers across all the technical disciplines. They provide production solutions for around 60 - 80 events per year including 7 months of daily live events per year at Technopolis the country’s science, technology, industry and art mega expo.

They are also very proud to have serviced the country’s largest live event to date on May 25th 2010, celebrating the bicentennial of the Argentinean Independence.

Photo : OffRamp’s José Luis López on the left, with Daniel Lema from Robe’s Argentinian distributor, TSD Group.

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