Robe BMFL 1700W Lamp Life Confirmed

Robe Lighting’s RnD department has finished an extensive and comprehensive piece of research and testing in conjunction with lamp manufacturers Osram, relating to the longevity of the Lok-it!® HTI® 1700/PS lightsource used in Robe’s new signature BMFL™ fixture, when run consistently in its brightest 1700 W mode.

This confirms that the lamp life expectancy is exactly the same when the fixture is run in 1700W mode as in 1200W and 1500W modes.

Therefore, Robe can categorically announce that the BMFL lamp life time is the same in all three modes – 750 hours.

The project also examined the lumen maintenance of the source at 750 hours when run in 1700W mode and reports that lumen output was measured at 60% compared to that of a new lamp – representing a 40% drop over the full lifespan.

This means that the lamp is extremely efficient and robust, and maintains brightness throughout its active life.

If you compare this lamp with others, it offers higher brightness after 750 hours – an important benefit for rental companies as the maintenance costs can be reduced.

These impressive figures mean that anyone investing in Robe’s BMFL technology and running their fixtures in 1700W mode to achieve the phenomenal BLFL brightness that everyone is talking about … can expect the same economy as when running the lamp in either of its other power options.

Thanks to two years of extensive RnD work by Robe, a special driving and heat management system has been devised for the lamp resulting in a proprietary solution to maintain the same colour temperature in all three power modes, as well as when dimmed from 100 – 20%. This technology has been patented by Robe.

Robe’s BMFL was launched in September 2014 and is currently the brightest and most versatile moving light available in its class.  It produces 40,000 Lumens which represents an impressive 250 000 lux at 5 metres – with a CRI of 92 - and for all the immense power, quality of light and  dynamic feature set …  weighs just 36 Kgs!

The BMFL Spot is enjoying huge success worldwide and is being used on many of the highest profile shows and events.


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