Dancers interact with set pieces that freely move around with RC4Magic wirelessly controlled lighting An American In Paris, Lighting Design By: Natasha Katz
<p>Dancers interact with set pieces that freely move around with RC4<em>Magic</em> wirelessly controlled lighting.</p>

Rc4 Wireless To Show Groundbreaking Technology At Prolight+Sound

RC4 Wireless, the leading manufacturer of DMX-controlled wireless dimming and DMX for props, costumes, and set pieces, will be displaying a range of ground-breaking patent-pending RC4 Series 3devices and technologies at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. This is the first RC4 European exhibition since winning the PLASA Award for Innovation at PLASA London last October. &nbsp;

Since the October release of these remarkably small and portable packages powered by batteries and controlled by wireless DMX, RC4 Series 3 devices have seen touring across Europe in Disney’s Violetta Live!, and used extensively in the world premiere of An American in Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet, now opening on Broadway. RC4 Series 3 wireless dimmers directly drive halogen lamps, LEDs, servo motors, relays, solenoids, and much more.  RC4 technology seamlessly and transparently integrates into scenes and cues, indistinguishable from traditional wired fixtures.  RC4 Series 3 devices provide a family of powerful features available only from RC4 Wireless:

RC4 ColorMatch makes it easy to correct the color palette produced by RGB light sources, even in custom-built props using unmatched un-binned LEDs.  ColorMatch also allows different commercial LED products to be used together, producing nearly identical composite colors when controlled with the same RGB or HSL levels and ratios.  The patent-pending process is done by eye and takes only seconds to complete.

Servo motor control with RC4 Series 3 wireless dimmers is perfect for animatronics, including eyes and mouths for puppetry.  As a fun example, one Series 3 four-channel device provides all the control needed to produce a complete miniature moving light: use one channel for a light source, two channels for pan and tilt, and one channel for a gobo or other accessory.

For video applications, RC4 Series 3 dimmers provide PWM frequencies tested and certified flicker-free with the world’s most popular high-end cameras.  And when using RC4 Series 3 dimmers in electric guitars, on microphone stands, or near audio equipment, patent-pending supersonic operation eliminates audio interference.

Every RC4 Series 3 dimmer also provided a versatile patent-pending RC4 Flkr Effects Engine.  There is no better way to create glowing embers, welding spark, television screen noise, and much more.  Not a collection of presets, the flicker engine is a tool for creating custom looks.

RC4 Harmonized Design facilitates all RC4 Series 3 features across a range of sizes, power levels, and radio protocols, including RC4Magic, LumenRadio CRMX, and Wireless Solution W-DMX.  All Series 3 devices operate efficiently, with no excess heating, from 6VDC to 35VDC.

With devices small enough to fit inside a candlestick, and devices powerful enough to drive up to 500W of incandescent lighting, RC4 Series 3 wireless dimmers solve every problem a designer, Prop Master, or show electrician will face.

Sean Dane, Application Specialist at RC4 Wireless, will be demonstrating all of this and more at ProLight + Sound 2015 - Frankfurt au Main / Apr 15 - 18, 2015 / Hall 9 Level 0 Stand F09.  Ask Sean about special show discount codes for online purchasing at

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