Pixelwix Simpod and Motion GT at Infocomm
<p><a href="http://pixelwix.com">Pixelwix</a> Simpod and Motion GT at Infocomm</p>

Pixelwix Unveils New Motion GT Platform At Infocomm

Appearing for the first time at Infocomm&nbsp;2015 the Pixelwix SimPod with Pixelwix Motion GT Racing Simulator. People were lining up around the hall for this amazing experience &nbsp;

Pixelwix SimPod is 7ft in Diameter and 7 ft tall. It delivers a 4 foot view height with 180 degrees of view. The blacked out ceiling and curtained doors provide a truly immersive environment.

The Motion GT Racing Simulator Platform along with the Pixelwix SimPod makes you feel like you are on a real racetrack.  Feel every movement and bump in the road and become immersed in this exhilerating experience. See for yourself here.

Contact www.pixelwix.com for more information

TAGS: Projection
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