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Pixelwix Launches New Projection Calculator


Introducing Pixelwix Projection Calculator - a new tool to calculate projection requirements for your specific project.
Designing and realizing a multi-projector or projection display setups are not a simple or trivial task. You will have to ask yourself a number of questions, the answer is dependent on many factors:
  • What type and size of the projection screen should I choose?
  • What projectors type, resolution, throw ratio, contrast etc?
  • Where to put the projectors with respect to the screen for the best coverage and how big should the screen be when soft edge blending?
  • Will the projectors and screens fit the available space?
  • If there are objects between the projectors and the screen, will they shadow the screen?
The answer on those questions is not easy and cannot be simply calculated on paper. Curved projection screens also introduce image distortions that can not be simply calculated using the standard projection calculation tools based on flat projection.
Pixelwix Pixelwarp projection calculator software is an essential and must have tool for designing single or multi-projector displays on all screen and room shapes.
Pixelwarp Projection calculator user interface provides an immediate 3D visual feedback of the projection environment including the screen, real-time projection image, projector physical size and throw, additional objects,environmental light, etc.
Features include:
  • Different types and shapes of projection screens including cylinder
  • (single curved), dome (double curved), planar(flat), etc.
  • Load custom projection screens from 3D CAD models.
  • Support for unlimited number of projectors.
  • Built-in projectors database including 5000+ projectors models.
  • Extend the projectors database with additional projectors models.
  • Edit projectors properties: resolution, throw ratio, position, orientation, light intensity, horizontal and vertical flip, etc.
  • Unlimited number of virtual cameras to view the projection from different room locations.
  • Edit cameras properties: resolution, field of view, position, orientation,etc.
  • Import Unlimited number of additional 3D objects that can shadow projection image.
  • Load objects from CAD models.
  • Edit objects sizes, positions and orientation, etc.
  • Position the object freely in the scene.
  • Direct visual feedback of object occlusion and shadows on the screen.
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