Pixel-Mapped Next NXT-1 Create Picture-Perfect Graduation Ball At British University

Pixel-Mapped Next NXT-1 Create Picture-Perfect Graduation Ball At British University

LANCASTER, UK – Graduation balls are a tradition in the United Kingdom, providing college students with the most memorable black tie event of their school years. When Lancaster University - one of the UK’s top 10 universities -approached local event management and production specialists Arranpaul Audio with the task of supplying, designing and executing the 2015 graduation ball, Head of Lighting for Arranpaul and LD for the ball Oliver Wilkinson was eager to use his company’s vast array of Chauvet lighting, particularly the new CHAUVET Professional Next NXT-1 moving RGBW LED panels.

"I have always been a Chauvet fan,” said Wilkinson. ““The ball was a fantastic opportunity to try out the new Chauvet Next NXT-1s, and they didn't fail to impress.”

During the colorful evening of events, which included student awards presentations and band performances, the eight NXT-1s were able to create a broad spectrum of looks, thanks to their intense output, rapid movements, rich colors and pixel-mapping capabilities. “With the ability to spell the band’s name across the advanced truss, as well as use them for dramatic pixel-mapping effects and on stage washes, the NXTs suited the event perfectly,” said Wilkinson.

For the upstage area, Wilkinson devised three “picture frames” created by adjoining four pixel-mapped CHAUVET DJ COLORband PiX LED battens into the shape of a square. The result was an attention grabbing flown pixel-mapping spectacle. “I needed to create a visual element that would not only wow the crowd, but give me multiple uses,” explained the LD.

To utilize the space in between the “picture frames,” Wilkinson flew CHAUVET DJ MotionOrb décor fixtures. Comprised of 55 color changing and strobing LED orbs arranged in strings, the MotionOrb added an extra dimension to the event’s design. “It was important for me to use these LED baubles to give an extra sense of depth to the upstage area,” said Wilkinson. “The fact that I could overlay pixel-mapping effects with the MotionOrbs over the whole back wall with my Avolites Expert Pro allowed me to have ultimate control of the stage.”

Wilkinson built five 2-meter upright truss structures, each consisting of a CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Pro at the base to wash the bands on stage with light. “For me, these fixtures were perfect for creating a silhouette behind the bands,” said Wilkinson. “They also gave the stage added depth and color glow, which was very important to creating the look we were after. I feel our lighting display made a special evening more memorable for the graduates.”

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