Osram And LED Engin Showcase Entertainment Innovation At LDI2017

OSRAM’s Professional and Industrial Applications (PIA) business unit will exhibit with LED Engin, the California-based LED supplier acquired by OSRAM earlier this year.

Las Vegas, NV and Wilmington, MA – OSRAM, a leading global lighting and technology company, is showcasing innovations in LED lighting at Live Design International (LDI) 2017, the leading trade show and conference for attendees working in a wide range of international live and broadcast venues, including concerts, theaters, night clubs, theme parks, houses of worship and many more. This year, OSRAM’s Professional and Industrial Applications (PIA) business unit will exhibit with LED Engin, the California-based LED supplier acquired by OSRAM earlier this year. Both Osram and LED Engin can be found in Booth #2536 at LDI.

OSRAM’s and LED Engin’s presence at LDI 2017 comes on the heels of OSRAM’s acquisition of LED Engin in June 2017. The joining of the two companies brings LED Engin’s ultra-bright, ultra-compact solid-state lighting solutions to OSRAM’s customers across a variety of specialty markets including entertainment lighting, ultraviolet, horticulture, tunable white and medical lighting applications.

“The entertainment industry continues to change at a rapid pace,” said Christian Leclerc, General Manager of PIA OSRAM Americas region. “As lighting requirements and set demands shift, we’re excited that our partnership with LED Engin will enable us to provide additional industry-leading, high-quality lighting for a variety of applications. The various lighting solutions showcased at this year’s event highlight the innovative technology and advancements that both OSRAM and LED Engin will continue to deliver.”

For years OSRAM has led the entertainment industry in vision and innovation, delivering lighting solutions to meet high-operating demands. OSRAM’s HMI® technology, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has made a significant impact on the film and TV industry, having received both an OSCAR® and a Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award.

As part of ongoing improvements and innovation, OSRAM will showcase at LDI 2017 the HMI DIGITAL, HMI STUDIO, SIRIUS HRI®, and the S32 Splitstar® families:

  • The HMI DIGITAL single-end lamp upgrades are compatible with new, high-speed ballasts commonly found in the digital camera space.
  • The HMI STUDIO offers a new metal halide series of HMI lamps with a warmer color temperature that emulates the light of a tungsten halogen lamp, yet it boasts twice the efficacy and output of halogen light.
  • The SIRIUS HRI 470W RO is the highest power SIRIUS HRI lamp designed exclusively for the ROBE MegaPointe.
  • The S32 Splitstar, available in three versions, Cool White, RGBW, and RGBA, is an LED emitter with the lowest thermal resistance of any LED on the market, yet it can be driven hotter and brighter to meet the output that the Entertainment market requires.

In the same booth, LED Engin will display its LZ4 RGBW Power, LZ7 and LZP RGBW lines:

  • The LZ4 RGBW Power flat lens LED emitter enables narrow-beam stage and architectural lighting to shine twice as bright without increasing fixture size.
  • The LZ7 Flat Lens Emitter is the world’s first seven-color, high power LED produced on a single emitter that delivers powerful, intense, saturated colors. It enables sophisticated effects over the full color spectrum in stage and architectural lighting applications.
  • The LZP RGBW Dome Lens LED Emitter delivers high flux output and when combined with TIR lenses is a popular choice for architectural lighting, including wall-wash fixtures and accent and effect lighting.
  • The LZP RGBW Flat Lens LED Emitter facilitates the use of zoom optics, mixing rods, light pipes or other optics to produce narrow beams. In turn, it provides entertainment and architectural lighting designers with freedom to create more powerful yet slimmer, compact lamps in new styles that appeal to customers.
  • LED Engin also will have its LuxiTune product line on display. This tunable white light engine is targeted at theater house lights and other venue lighting applications.

To learn more about OSRAM and LED Engin’s full suite of lighting solutions, visit https://www.osram.us/pia/ and http://www.ledengin.com/products/ or booth #2536 at LDI 2017, Nov. 17-19, 2017, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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