Novalight And DNJ Pro Shine At LDI 2015

Novalight And DNJ Pro Shine At LDI 2015

Novalight returns to LDI showcasing entire lineup of products and introducing the new Nova-Scope.

Novalight returned to LDI this year where it was distributing with DNJ Pro, their exclusive distributor for North America, to showcase their entire lineup of products and present the industry with their newest moving light, the Nova-Scope.

“This was a great year at LDI,” said Doug Brown, president of DNJ Pro. “We met a lot of people who were excited about the kaleido effect of the Nova-Scope and also a lot of people who were just excited to the other Novalight products again.”

Nova-Scope: A 2KW weatherproof moving light that implements an innovative reflector design to deliver stunning effects in mid-air. With seven gobo options, a kaleido wheel effect, shutter, dimmer, and strobe effects combined with six colors, white, and CMY color mixing, dramatic effects can be achieved.

Super-Nova: The Super-Nova incorporates outstanding lighting power, vivid colors, and remarkable speed to create a stunning optical system. With five gobo options, changing or stationary effects, intense shutter/strobe features, six colors + white and CMY color mixing combine with a 2000W lamp- the aerial effects are extremely intense.

Nova-Flower: Using a HTI 2000W/D10/60 (or a HTI 1200W/D10/60 lamp for the 1.2KW Nova-Flower option), the Novalight Nova-Flower produces extremely intense and dazzling flower/moon effects in mid-air.

High-Ground: An extremely high-powered and modifiable single-beam aerial effect light. This weatherproof moving light has a remarkably unprecedented motorized zoom ranging from a narrow spot 1.8° beam to wash lighting with a 20° beam.  This versatile lighting fixture has 5 colors plus white, rainbow effect and shutter and strobe abilities.

Booster: The Novalight Booster is an extreme outdoor aerial effect light. Generating multiple intense beams of light, the Booster is visible from four to six miles away. The Novalight Booster is available in a 2.5KW option and a 4KW option and uses its high-powered lamps in conjunction with a patented reflector design and a motor to deliver its stunning effects.

Single-Max: Employing a HTI 4000W/DE lamp, a reflector, and a motor in an original technique, the Novalight Single-Max is an extremely powerful weatherproof sky tracer.  With its exceptionally white single-beam, the Single-Max is visible from six to nine miles away.

Single: The Single, the original Novalight product, uses a HTI 1200W/GS lamp, a reflector, and a motor in a weatherproof encasing to deliver a moving searchlight visible from two to three miles away and an 110,000 lumen output.

“I was extremely happy with the way our booth and display looked,” said Jessica Stonesifer, director of marketing for DNJ Pro, “When people came over and said- “We could see your lights from all the way over there- I knew we displayed the product line well.”

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