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Lit wristband X2

New Wristband X2 by PixMob

A new, more affordable solution to create togetherness, reinvent rituals and connect crowds.

Montreal, Canada, December 7​​th , 2018 – ​ PixMob, a wireless lighting companyspecialized in creating immersive experiences and performances with wearables LED devices, is announcing the launch of a new wristband, the X2. Designed for a single use, this lightweight wristband has 2 high-brightness LEDs that offers 16 million possible light colors and is made to be recyclable and reusable.

“We wanted to create a more popular wristband to meet the market’s need, but we didn’t want to compromise on quality. Our clients expect us not to sacrifice on the number of colors you can light up, nor the innovative effects we’re known for with our award-winning products, such as our Portable transmitter or our Moving head.” - Simon St-Germain - Marketing director at PixMob.

Furthermore, the X2 was developed with an ecological thinking. It uses components and materials that can be recycled, but it was also conceived to be recuperated and refurbished for multiple usages. Every time the X2 will be used for an event, PixMob’s recuperation program will be deployed.

The X2 uses PixMob’s infrared technology to be controlled. Infrared allows a super quick response rate, has no interference with other radio frequency systems, and is FCC compliant. Being completely integrated, managing design, R&D, manufacturing, operation, and production ensures a very high level of quality.

Wristban X2 idle

Technical features include:

  • Comfortable, adjustable
  • Two ultra bright RGB LEDs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable and reusable


  • CE
  • RoHS
  • WEEE


  • Length 40 mm
  • Width 24 mm
  • Height 11 mm
  • Weight 24g


  • Casing: Matte translucent Polypropylene
  • Band: TPE

Communication protocol

  • PixMob Infrared PRO 2.1


About PixMob

PixMob is a wireless lighting company specialized in creating immersive experiences and performances that break the barrier between the crowd and the stage. PixMob’s wearable LED devices are controlled with infrared light, generating colorful effects synchronized with sound and visuals. People become a part of the show—each PixMob device turns every person into a pixel transforming the crowd into a huge canvas. PixMob technology has enhanced and activated crowds at over 1000 different events and has worked with a number of notable clients including, the Super Bowl, the Olympic Games, NBA All-stars, Pink, Eurovision, Tiësto, Heineken and Microsoft.

Twitter: ​@PixMobOfficial

TAGS: Gear Lighting
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