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New Fuze Wash 575™ From Elation Optimized For Exhibit/Auto Show Market

When companies present their newest products at exhibitions, aesthetics are crucial and lighting plays a key role in their presentation. Auto shows place especially high demands on lighting. That was the impetus behind development of Elation Professional’s new cool-white Fuze Wash 575™ LED PAR moving head luminaire with motorized beam control.

When branding and presentation is at the highest level, an extremely uniform level of light is required. To meet that need, Elation has outfitted the Fuze series with single-lens COB LEDs that project the homogenized, flat field of light required for exhibition purposes.

Elation realizes that the quality of light is crucial in getting the color of a car, or any object, right for designers. The Fuze Wash 575 uses a high-output 350W Cool White / Daylight COB LED engine with a color temperature of 6,800K that is ideal at accentuating the details of an object. And with a high CRI of 95, the Fuze Wash 575 has the ability to accurately reflect an object’s true color. Ideal for large scale exhibits and showrooms, the Fuze Wash 575 excels at maintaining an even distribution and an even color temperature across a surface, a smooth, soft wash and consistent light quality that looks great on camera and in person. 

The Fuze Wash 575 offers many of the useful design features that designers ask for like a smooth and fast 11° to 40° zoom for precise beam control, which is unique compared to traditional daylight moving par lights. Combine that with the ease of remote positioning from its smooth 16-bit pan and tilt movement and the Fuze Wash 575 offers both staging and design flexibility.  Its compact and light weight design also makes it ideal for deploying in multiples.

Elation has a tradition of lighting excellence on exhibitions and auto shows with the Design Par 575 and has designed the Fuze Wash 575 to be the new workhorse fixture-of-choice, offering more efficiency and features. Useful in lighting everything from products to displays to exhibit architecture, the fixture gives designers exactly what they need without the cost, weight and power needs of conventional 575W discharge daylight PAR lights.

With the Fuze series, Elation chose to improve upon the pixelated lens face of ordinary LED PAR fixtures by replicating the classic look of old-school pars and moving wash fixtures that so many designers and artists prefer. Using single-source COB LEDs to project a single homogenous beam of light, the evenly lit lens face of the Fuze Wash 575 appears as one shade instead of individual LED diodes. Besides their non-pixel look, designers have valued the Fuze series for their ability to wash a surface or subject without the multi-shadows created from traditional LED wash fixtures.

Not only does the Fuze Wash 575 deliver on quality of light, design flexibility and reliability, it is outfitted with the professional control features that designers would expect from a modern luminaire. For more product details, please visit www.elationlighting.com/fuze-wash-575 or http://www.elationlighting.eu/en/fuze-wash-575.html

About Elation Professional
Elation Professional is one of the world’s leading lighting and visual solutions providers and is the global brand of Elation Lighting. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Los Angeles, with European sales, distribution and support based in The Netherlands, Elation designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative yet affordable lighting and video products that are distributed through a global network of dealers and distributors. Made up of a spirited team of dedicated personnel, Elation is setting new efficiency and performance standards in Platinum lamp and LED technology and is acknowledged for a comprehensive commitment to Total Support. As a company in expansion with a presence in a growing variety of market segments, chances are you’ve experienced Elation lighting at a concert, special event, TV, theater, late night venue, House of Worship, theme park, cruise ship, exhibition, architectural space or elsewhere. For more information, please visit www.elationlighting.com

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