Morpheus Lights Presents Ayrton LED Luminaires At InfoComm 2016

Morpheus Lights, the exclusive U.S. distributor of AYRTON LED products, will exhibit at InfoComm 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center June 8th through 10th in Booth #C4750.

Morpheus is pleased to present several products from Ayrton’s award-winning line of automated LED luminaires, featuring a dynamic display of the exciting new, video-equipped DREAMPANEL™TWIN, along with COSMOPIX™R, NANDOBEAM™S and MAGICDOT™R, and introducing two exciting new fixtures for 2016:  MAGICDOT™XT and INTELLIPIX™XT.


DREAMPANEL™TWIN is a hybrid fixture with a MAGICPANEL™ 8 x 8 RGBW 45-mm optic array on one side and an 6-mm pitch RGB 64 x 64 pixel video display on the other. Capable of full continuous pan and tilt, the fixture allows the creation of new and breathtaking graphic effects.


MAGICDOT™XT is a "supersized" version of the MAGICDOT™R, which scales the beam diameter up and narrows it down. MAGICDOT™XT is equipped with Ayrton's new, proprietary 126 mm (5.0") diameter optic that projects an astonishing 2º beam with a center-beam intensity of 580,000 candelas.


INTELLIPIX™XT is a refined and evolved version of the original INTELLIPIX™R fixture. Featuring Ayrton’s proprietary 126 mm (5.0") diameter XT optics, the fixture offers nine hi-power 2º beams. A precision coupling accessory permits large numbers of fixtures to be precisely configured to generate complex geometric shapes.

NANDOBEAM™ LED 5:1 Zoom Washlights – S3, S6 and S9

With quick and dynamic movement, and Ayrton’s fabulous RGBW color control – both in saturated color and pastels, the 3-fixture NandoBeam™S line projects a powerful 8º column of light or zooms back to provide bright wash coverage at up to 40º.

NandoBeam™S3 places 19 OSRAM Ostar RGBW 15-watt LED emitters into a compact head with an 8” diameter lens, with a 4,000 lumen maximum output.  NandoBeam™S6 projects a total of 9,000 lumens from 37 emitters through a 9.5” lens.  NandoBeam™S9 is the biggest Nando in the house, with 55 emitters projecting 12,000 lumens through a 10.6” diameter lens. 


COSMOPIX™R is an entirely new luminaire based on the 80’s nightclub era concept of a double-rotation sphere, equipped with PAR-36 sealed-beam lamps.

Equipped with 60-watt Osram RGBW LED emitters and Ayrton’s proprietary 94-mm optic, this fixture emits twelve powerful 4.5° beams - each with a center-beam luminous intensity of over 100 candela per lumen. Coupled with full continuous pan and tilt, this fixture can now inspire a new generation of designers!


The award winning MAGICDOT™R is the first professional LED moving head beam projector with a single optical collimator. Ayrton’s new 94-mm lens, which required more than two years of development, is coupled with a 60-watt Osram RGBW multi-chip LED. The fixture emits 1800 lumens in a 4.5° beam at a maximum power consumption of only 130 watts.

Highly compact, light, ultra-fast, and powerful with continuous pan and tilt, its minimalist cylindrical design will make it possible to create configurations never before dreamed of.

MAGICDOT™R is the ideal tool for creating moveable virtual sets and complex compositions.


For datasheets and outstanding fixture demonstration videos, please visit:

Ayrton’s continuing focus is on developing fixtures that provide lighting designers with powerful, distinctive and exciting new tools.  The goal is to create unique products that expand and explore all the possibilities of Digital Lighting.

Morpheus looks forward to meeting you on the show floor and introducing you to these next-generation entertainment lighting products. 

Las Vegas based Morpheus Lights is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton products in the United States.  Morpheus also provides Concert Touring systems and personnel, B-to-B Equipment Rental and Lighting Services for the Las Vegas market. Further information and contacts can be found at

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