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Morpheus Lights Expands 2017 Production Inventory

Morpheus Lights is pleased to announce a significant addition of new equipment to their Las Vegas-based production inventory for the 2017 spring touring season.

In addition to gear from industry leaders Clay Paky, MA Lighting, Tyler Truss, and Vari-Lite, Morpheus has made extensive additions to its multiple-award-winning Ayrton LED inventory.

Six brand-new fixture designs were introduced by Ayrton to the US market at LDI last October, and Morpheus is now able to offer tour-ready quantities of these ground-breaking design tools. Fixture datasheets, along with Ayrton’s outstanding product demonstration videos, are available at www.ayrton.eu.


MagicPanel™FX is a new multi-function luminaire with a front face of squared lenses in a 5 x 5 array, designed to create a wide variety of 2D and 3D effects.  Another step in the evolution of the MagicPanel™ family, with the same dimensions as DreamPanel™ and the new MagicBurst™, MagicPanel™FX multiplies the creative potential of this amazingly original family of fixtures. MagicPanel™FX zooms from 3.5° to 52°, with a revolutionary new and proprietary optical system, that projects tight, individually controlled, shafts of light as well as wide washes.


MagicBurst™ is the industry’s first high-power graphic LED strobe with continuous, unlimited rotation on the pan and tilt axes – and the first strobe unit to be produced by Ayrton.

MagicBurst presents a 15” square face with 3,840 high-output white LEDs grouped into an 8 x 8 matrix of individually controllable pixels and puts it into continuous rotation. MagicBurst delivers peak light output of over 240,000 lumens – perfectly calibrated at 5600º K.


AlienPix™-RS is a unique, multi-rotational fixture with eight axes of continuous rotation and six individually controllable beams. Inspired by fixtures from the ‘70s and ‘80s, AlienPix-RS uses modern technology, optics and LED sources to combine a multiplicity of effects within a single luminaire.

A tight, 3.5° RGBW LED central emitter, with a center-beam luminous intensity of over 180 candelas per lumen, is surrounded by five individually controllable beams, each of which can tilt continuously as the fixture’s head pans, tilts and rotates in any direction. AlienPix-RS can simultaneously perform up to eight multidirectional continuous rotations.


The compact MAGICDOT™SX is a hybrid version of MagicDot™R, with the added features of a zoom capability and Lumen Radio wireless connectivity. An 8:1 optical zoom offers a coverage range from 5° to 40° with a maximum output of 1700 lumens.

MAGICDOT™SX has the identical physical dimensions and transmitting lens diameter as its MagicDot-R cousin and is capable of the same ultra-quick infinite rotation, which makes it the most compact wash light and fastest zoom moving head on the market


MAGICDOT™XT is a "supersized" version of the MAGICDOT™R, which scales the beam diameter up and narrows it down. MAGICDOT™XT is equipped with Ayrton's new and proprietary 5.0" diameter optic that projects an astonishing 1,000 lumen, 2º beam with a center-beam intensity of 580,000 candelas.


INTELLIPIX™XT is a refined and evolved version of the original INTELLIPIX™R fixture. Featuring Ayrton’s new and proprietary 5.0" diameter XT optics in a 3 x 3 array, the fixture offers nine thousand-lumen, 2º beams. A precision coupling accessory assists large numbers of fixtures to be precisely configured to generate complex geometric shapes.

For immediate rental assistance and information, please contact Chris Perron at 702-365-0536 or cperron@morpheuslights.com.

Las Vegas-based Morpheus Lights is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton LED luminaires in the United States.  Morpheus also provides Concert Touring systems and personnel, B-to-B Equipment Rental and Lighting Services for the Las Vegas market. Further information and contacts can be found at www.morpheuslights.com.

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