Lumax Software LLC Announces Drafty CAD Tool

Lumax Software LLC Announces Drafty CAD Tool

NEW YORK CITY, 25 JANUARY, 2016 - Lumax Software LLC launches Drafty, a streamlined CAD program, built from the ground up to meet the unique needs of lighting, sound, and video designers for live entertainment. Industry specific tools work to create plots fast and efficiently. Pricing starts at $14.99/month for Drafty A/V, $19.99 for Drafty LX, and $29.99 for Drafty Pro.
Drafty outputs high-quality paperwork in less time than traditional CAD programs. It ships with a library of hundreds of scale-accurate lighting, sound, video, and scenic symbols. With industry-specific tools that always draw objects to the correct layer, the designer’s focus is design, not layer management. Drafty provides two work views: the Drafting Table is a plan view for drawing, while the Database Manager provides a spreadsheet for quick data entry.
Features include:
  • Smart Pipes auto-number fixtures as the user adds, moves, or deletes items
  • Smart Dimensions update in real-time
  • Instrument Key auto-updates while the user drafts
  • Predictive auto-complete in Database Manager
  • Real-time color counts and instrument totals
Drafty integrates into classroom settings naturally. Sophisticated auto-layout features teach young designers page design and organization principles. Drafty’s intuitive controls allow for a more apples-to-apples comparison during critiques. As intuitive as pencil & paper, lighting crits can focus on the design, not on how fast a student masters layer and class controls.

“Drafty is shaping up to be the go-to piece of software for lighting design, with easy import from PDFs and none of the complication of CAD, it creates the middle ground between CAD and drafting by hand we have all been waiting for.”

- Bryan Wallbridge, Technical Manager, Bath Spa University School of Music and Performing Arts

Drafty is available now at, where users can log in for a free trial. Monthly or annual subscriptions are available. Subscriptions start at $14.99/month for the A/V tools and $19.99/month for the lighting tools. The full-featured Drafty Pro is available for $29.99/month and includes all tool sets and fixture libraries. Drafty offers institutional site licenses for educational and professional organizations.


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