LPL Invests In BMFLs

LPL Invests In BMFLs

Leading Brazilian lighting rental company LPL, based in Sao Paulo, has invested in 90 Robe BMFL WashBeams to service their immediate and ongoing work.

They will join over 400 Robe fixtures that the company currently has in stock. LPL services around 800 shows and events a year of different types and sizes, covering multiple sectors including music and concert touring, festivals, corporate events and brand activations and theatre and TV productions.

Caio Bertti, one of five directors and also an LD in his own right, comments, “LPL believes that having BMFL WashBeams in stock will help to create a new demand for these workhorse high powered luminaires all over Brazil”.

Already familiar with the reliability and build quality of Robe, several elements impressed LPL about the BMFL WashBeams.

Firstly, it was that continued robustness of the Robe brand in general. Earlier purchases of Robe’s previous generation high powered 2500 series have proved this…   as these are still in active service and working well. 

Secondly, the powerful beam was a MUST. “Special events need a fixture with a serious output so objects, areas and stages can be properly lit from a distance,” says Caio.

Thirdly,  shutter blades were a real decision maker for LPL who waited for a fixture with this as an integral feature and believe that this makes the BMFL WashBeam a truly ‘hybrid’ light which is versatile and flexible for use almost anywhere.

Caio also mentions that they are looking forward to offering BMFLs as follow-spot solutions to their clients.

Before committing to such a large purchase, they thoroughly examined all the alternatives he explained. Their relationship with Robe’s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America, Guillermo Traverso added a real ‘personal touch’ to the equation, and was instrumental in bringing the deal together which also involves the full support and backup for which Robe is renowned worldwide.

“We have a lot of time and respect for Robe” Caio maintains, “A lot of time and resources are going into R ‘n’ D and that’s led to a great increase in the amount of products available”.

LPL was actually the first company in Brazil to make a big investment in Robe around 6 years ago, and they were also convinced enough back then of the quality as the first deal involved 150 fixtures - a move that was also a lynch-pin in Robe becoming established in Brazil.

Now the brand is well established in the country and Robe is on the regular specs and riders for many leading LDs.

Says Guillermo, “Just minutes after we closed the deal and Cesio Lima made it public via social media, the channels were all buzzing and we received hundreds of likes and comments. I´m sure these BMFLs are going to rock Brazil!!”

Caio will use BMFLs on the Maximus Festival in Sao Paulo in September - due to be headlined by Rammstein and Marilyn Manson and attended by 50,000 – 60,000 heavy and hard metal fans.

From Left to Right : Francisco Pinheiro, CEO of Newart; LPL’s Co Director Bruno Lima; LPL’s Owner Casio Lima; Guillermo Traverso, Robe’s Latin America Sales Manager and Caio Berti, Co-Director of LPL

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