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Lotte World Reveals First New Details of Lotte Magic Forest

This week, Lotte World, Korea’s leading theme park operator, revealed new details about its upcoming family resort project in the highly-populated South Korean city of Busan.

Seoul, South Korea – June 1, 2018 – This week, Lotte World, Korea’s leading theme park operator, revealed new details about its upcoming family resort project in the highly-populated South Korean city of Busan. The hotly-awaited theme park, being developed under the working name “Lotte’s Magic Forest,” is said to be on-track for a mid-2021 opening. “Lotte’s Magic Forest” will once again feature highly innovative design by Lotte’s longtime collaborator, Hollywood, California-based Legacy | GGE.

 “Since 2011, we have enjoyed an incredible friendship with Lotte,” says Yaeli Chung, Legacy | GGE’s Managing Director of Korea, adding “’Lotte’s Magic Forest’ will mark our 10th project together. ‘Magic Forest’ also represents, by-far, our largest and most complex collaboration with Lotte to date.”

 The new project’s first phase is said to cover over 100,000 square meters, and will feature over a dozen family rides and attractions, anchored by two signature roller coaster experiences. The park’s design will be completely unique from the operator’s iconic flagship theme park in Seoul, which is about to celebrate its 29th year of operation, and regularly draws over 7 million visitors per year.

 Marcus King, Legacy | GGE’s Senior Director of Project Management, notes that the park’s design will be completely unique within the Asian theme park landscape. “Our guiding concept here was to create Asia’s first European-style theme park, and to immerse guests in the charm and wonder of a magical garden environment,” King said. He also notes that the new park will feature six themed zones, each one inspired by a different element of nature.

 “Lotte’s Magic Forest” will be located in Busan’s Osiria district, adjacent to the company’s existing East Busan Lotte Outlet Complex. The new park will accompany a host of other attractions to be constructed in the nearby area, including a hillside Luge, and an expanded retail mall. Site work is anticipated to begin this summer, with construction following in early 2019.

 Ms. Chung adds that she hopes the new park will ultimately be a source of pride for both Busan, and for Korea. “Lotte is one of Asia’s most trusted names in family entertainment. It’s for this reason that we felt an immense sense of responsibility to help design a park worthy of the Lotte name. We believe that when ‘Lotte’s Magic Forest’ is completed, it will be regarded as not only a commercial success, but a symbol of joy and happiness for generations to come.”


 Lotte World is a world-class theme park located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. Since its opening in July 1989, the park has consistently ranked among the world’s top-performing theme parks, recently drawing over 7 million visitors per year. Located in Seoul’s Jamsil district, the park is divided into two main themed areas- Lotte World Adventure (indoor theme park) and Magic Island (outdoor attraction area).

 The park features a number of heavily-themed attractions including “The Adventure of Sinbad,” “Pharaoh’s Fury,” and “Atlantis Adventure,” in addition to a number of classic family rides, shows, and attractions.

 In October 2012, Lotte World and the Hollywood-based Goddard Group (now named Legacy I GGE), announced a strategic creative partnership that would lead to the creation of new lands, attractions, shows, restaurants, and stores. To date, this partnership has resulted in the opening of eight new Goddard-designed projects: The “Jumping Fish” family ride, the “Do You Speak Beluga?” interactive theatre, the “Brother Moon & Sister Sun” drop ride, the “Underland” themed zone, the Lotte World Welcome Center ticketing zone, the “Let’s Dream!” night parade, the “Fairy Trails” themed zone, and, most recently, the “Wild Tours” themed zone.


 Launched in 2002, the Hollywood, California-based LEGACY | GGE has grown to become one of the world’s most successful independent entertainment design firms in the industry today. The company has developed, designed and produced over thirty currently-operating attractions and destinations located all over the globe, for a variety of clients, including Universal Studios, Six Flags, Lotte World, Galaxy Entertainment Group, and Melco-Crown.

 If you’ve ever been to New York’s Times Square, Las Vegas, Macau, Tokyo, Atlanta, Cape Town, Jakarta, or the Philippines, chances are you’ve personally experienced one of the themed entertainment attractions, hotels, resorts, aquariums, retail outlets or visitor centers designed and produced by the LEGACY | GGE team.

 While best known for its design of theme parks and attractions, the company also specializes in a broad range of other mediums, having also designed resorts, casinos, museums, and retail malls, as well as having produced Broadway shows and creating outstanding 3D/4D attractions.

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