LMG Supports ODESZA's In Return Tour

LMG Supports ODESZA's In Return Tour

Harrison Mills (CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches), also known as ODESZA, propelled onto the music scene in 2012 following the release of their album, Summer’s Gone and have shown no signs of slowing down.  September 2014 brought the release of In Return, a pop and electronic infused album. Their comeback record debuted at #1 on the Billboard Electronic Chart Top ten in seven countries outside the U.S. The sold out tour includes performances in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and Toronto.  LMG Touring provided audio, lighting and LED for the tour.

ODESZA’s vision was to create a new live performance to assure that fans would experience the fullness of the album. To deliver a dynamic show, LMG’s 8MM LED tiles were chosen for the great blow through they provide when running content and lighting. The In Return tour features five high-resolution LED screens with Solaris Flares mounted behind the screens and in various points around the set. When turned on they blew through the LED screens giving the appearance of being transparent.  “We want fans to leave a show with an experience.” Lighting Designer, Rob Bedford explains. “We’re always wanting to push the envelope.”

To capture the authentic sound of ODESZA’s music, LMG Touring also supplied full audio equipment support including the L’ACOUSTIC 112P full range powered speaker, Meyer 600-HP Subwoofers, AVID Profile 48 at FOH, and the AVID SC48 Digital Console at MON.

The lighting consisted of ROBE Points, Aryton Magic Dots, Martin MAC Vipers and Solaris Flares, while the GrandMA lighting console was used to create a unique experience for ODESZA and their fans. “It was really fun taking out the Magic Dots, it was the first time any of us had taken them out, and they added a totally new layer to the design and show itself,” says Bedford.

One feature that the audience doesn’t see but makes all the difference to the crew is the packing for the tour. “This was a very impressive audio, video, and lighting package that all fit into one truck,” Craig Mitchell, LMG’s Director of Touring, recaps. “It looked like a much bigger rig on stage and the shows were phenomenal.” LMG’s technical team worked with the client to ensure the package was designed for quick load in and load outs. 

For more information contact Craig.Mitchell@lmg.net or visit www.lmg.net

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