LMG Signals Brand Evolution With New Website And Logos

LMG Signals Brand Evolution With New Website And Logos

LMG, LLC, a national provider of video, audio, lighting, and LED support, unveiled a new brand identity, symbolized by the introduction of a new website (www.lmg.net) along with corporate and divisional logos.

The launch of the website provides a clear overview of LMG’s three divisions, solutions, products, and their people.  “The logo refresh was an early catalyst that got us thinking about overhauling everything. Not only does our website showcase our new look and feel, but it help represents our new identity and message,” states Rich Tate, Director of Business Development and Marketing. “It reflects our loyalty to our brand promise to go beyond the convention to best serve our clients.”

Since the beginning, LMG’s mission is focused on representing their passion and commitment to building relationships and delivering extraordinary experience through technology and imagination.   Over thirty years later, the same values drive LMG and the evolved brand and visual identity are emblematic to honoring their vision while staying current in the marketplace.

LMG’s three unique divisions, Show Technology, Touring, and Systems Integration, which main colors – red, green, and blue, represent the RGB color model.  The evolved logos represent a cohesive and consistent look throughout each line of business and signify its growth, transformation, and celebrate LMG’s culture of innovation.  The divisional colors allows for each division to obtain their own uniqueness, but have the ability to represent LMG as a whole.

“LMG has not changed. We are not a new company. After more than thirty years of providing innovative technology and unparalleled service, we are excited to present ourselves to the world with an evolved brand,” states Tate. 


You can visit LMG’s website at www.lmg.net.  For new branding guidelines, please contact marketing@lmg.net.

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