LMG Introduces 4K Ultra HD Package

LMG Introduces 4K Ultra HD Package

The future of live event show technology has never been so sharp, clear, and crisp. 4K Ultra HD represents the next phase in a resolution revolution, creating a dynamic and compelling visual experience via a pixel resolution four-times that of high-definition (HD) content.
As an early adopter eager to explore and embrace the latest in technology, LMG is proud to announce the launch of a complete 4K Ultra HD system – the first of its kind for the corporate live events market.

LMG’s completely mobile package supports a true 4K UHD signal through every component of the system, from camera lens to switcher to projector, for uncompromised clarity in an output of 8,294,400 pixels (3840 x 2160) on your display solution; all with no widescreen blends. The system that makes it all possible includes a Snell Kahuna 360 Switcher, Sony F55 Cinealta Camera, and Christie Roadie 4K45 Projector.
Especially true of live events, better content can drive a more compelling, artistic story. 4K technology pushes the limits of video to create a film-like experience. The higher pixel density reveals more nuance and detail. Contrast, color saturation, and depth of field are all heightened. The result is live content that looks as dramatic and dynamic as pre-produced content.
The person behind this revolutionary system: Les Goldberg, Founder and CEO of LMG, Inc. “Our company’s mission is to deliver extraordinary experiences, and 4K does just that - it creates the biggest, most powerful image yet and the output is nothing short of spectacular. I knew immediately that this was technology LMG needed to pioneer for the corporate market,” stated Goldberg.
Just as the industry watched the transition from SD to HD, so will it experience the new standard of 4K Ultra HD. Says Goldberg, “We truly believe that 4K technology is a game changer for the live events industry and LMG is ready to deliver and lead the pack with this stunning technology.”
LMG’s 4K Ultra HD system is now available. For more information, visit 4KSolutions.net, call 800-226-3100, or email [email protected]
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