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Lightconverse Version 59 Offers an Array of New Features

The latest release of LIGHTCONVERSE 3D SHOW PLATFORM brings to the market a level of previously unseen 3D resolution quality and multiple new features of the award-wining software, used for high-tech show visualization and simulation of lighting, video and special effects.

Along with increased GUI and 3D resolution, users can now capture a high-resolution video of their work along with high-res screen-shots. There is no need for any extra video-capturing software or hardware thus making it even easier to show clients’ highly detailed show creations. This newly added feature allows for high-quality and full-color mp4 offline rendering of online recorded DMX, video and media in, resulting in a cinematographic quality video.

Another anticipated addition is a built-in Light Meter, used to make calculations of center weighted lux levels on the surface and generation of LUX-Maps with high-quality print-outs.

Other new capabilities of v59 include:

  • 4 Camera view presets for main screen.
  • Extended color dynamics plus luminance corrected gamma and other HDR operations.
  • Precise Equidistant mode for wide Camera views.
  • Roll and Iris parameters for Camera.      
  • HTC Vive along with Oculus Rift support.

Please visit for more information.

TAGS: Gear Lighting
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