LIghtConverse And HIgh End Systems Lighting Challenge Winners Announced

The LIGHTCONVERSE and HIGH END SYSTEMS LIGHTING CHALLENGE 2018 has recently finished and once again we would like to thank all participants for taking part in this annual event. It has been a great pleasure to see the results of unlimited imaginations!

As always, the prizewinners were named at the Prolight+Sound 2018 trade show, held in Frankfurt, Germany.

The winning designs and their authors receiving Lighting Challenge 2018 prizes follow below.

All winning videos can be seen here.

1st Place goes to Amir Cohen. For his incredible winning design, he will receive a High End HedgeHog 4X console and LIGHTCONVERSE TRACE (with a special one year upgrade to LIGHTCONVERSE UNLIMITED) including LIGHTCONVERSE TOOLS 2018.

2nd Place belongs to Mykola Basyuk, which means that he takes home LIGHTCONVERSE TRACE including LIGHTCONVERSE TOOLS 2018.

3rd Place prize-holder is Anton Skakun. He is rewarded with LIGHTCONVERSE MEDIA including LIGHTCONVERSE TOOLS 2018.

This year’s Popular Choice Award also goes to Amir Cohen, his prize is LIGHTCONVERSE MEDIA including LIGHTCONVERSE TOOLS 2018

LIGHTCONVERSE and HIGH END SYSTEMS would like to congratulate this year’s prizewinners and once again thank all participants for their hard work, we wish all the best for the future!

Please visit and for more information.

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