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Lightact & Hexogon complete Interactive Games in Singapore

In 2019, Hexogon Solution chose Lightact as the media server for Interactive Games - an interactive projection in Funan, an iconic IT shopping mall in Singapore. Interactive Games is an 11 by 12 m large interactive projection area on the floor of Funan shopping mall. It features several interactive games and interactive visual effects based on the corporate identity of the mall. Visitors can play games and interact with visual effects simply by moving around the projection area. The system uses one Lightact Pro XL server and one Lightact StereoView stereo camera to track people in the projection area. All of the content is generated in real-time with Unreal Engine game running on the same server. UE content is passed to Lightact which splits, warps and blends it and outputs it to 4 Christie Crimson projectors. 

The commissioning lasted for 6 days during which Gerard Henson, System Manager at Hexogon, was pleasantly surprised at the reliability of Lightact: “Lightact is an incredibly stable software. After several days of heavy use, we haven’t experienced a single crash or system error. I was also pleasantly surprised by the reliability of tracking provided by StereoView camera.” StereoView is a new product introduced in early 2019 which enables you to get reliable depth information in dynamic lighting and long ranges. Every frame, Lightact finds locations of every person in StereoView's depth feed and passes it on to UE. 

To give the Client an intuitive user interface to control the installation, the project team created a WebUI with a few simple buttons and sliders. The client can access this WebUI with a browser on any device on the network.

Watch the video here:

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