Light Tonight Launched On You Tube

Light Tonight Launched On You Tube

Light Tonight launched this month on YouTube as a video news magazine for the English speaking professional lighting industry worldwide. The show runs less than 30 minutes, is fast paced and loaded with news, reviews, interviews, techniques and equipment.

Produced by CX Network, the show caps 25 years industry publishing experience for the network which until now has produced publications and internet TV in Australia.

‘When we started CX-TV in 2010, YouTube had a seven minute clip limit and was standard definition’, CX chief Julius Grafton said.

CX Network established several successful internet TV shows, including Gearbox, CXtra and most recently The Hump. They have been broadly viewed on the website and are specific to the Australian market, whereas Light-Tonight is intentionally global.

A team of presenters from around the world host the well resourced show. It is directed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation veteran Chrissie McIntyre, with content producer Cat Strom drawing on ‘the best contact book in the industry’.

Reaction has been favourable. CX showed the pilot to a group of industry professionals.

Looks great. Very informative on many things. I like it”, said LeRoy Bennett, lighting designer

Mac Mosier commented: “Good for you working on this, looks really good. Look forward to seeing more.”  

"The content and the overall approach is great. Graphics are all very pro and the whole thing looks good. What a welcome addition this is for our industry. Bravo”, concluded Patrick Woodroffe, OBE.

Light Tonight is free to view, at the CX Network channel on YouTube.

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