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Lasers Shine, for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6

Director GMUNK and Visual Artist Adam LaBay of Future Weapons Lighting have done it again, creating incredible laser and cinematography effects, for the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Using the advanced features in the Pangolin BEYOND software, and laser projectors and systems from the Pangolin Projector Referral Network, Adam took his incredible and artistic laser programming skills to bring these laser and lighting technologies to life, creating a stunning sequence of visuals and displays, that accurately expressed the excitement surrounding this new product release.

Director GMUNK, who oversaw the cinematography and how the advertisement would be portrayed, was also quoted in saying "The process for this clip was highly technical, as it was mostly executed using motion-controlled cinematography along with macro lenses using very short focus distances. We had to tightly synchronize these two major elements with an array of Laser Projectors. Add in the backlit LED screens shining through the acrylic lettering and you have a set full of expensive gear and a lot of moving parts."

You can see a behind the scenes video, showing some of the laser effects used, as well as giving an inside look, at the new Samsung Galaxy S6 here: 

What makes this production so special, is that it further illustrates the diverse ways in which laser technology can be used to help add excitement to an event, product release, or corporate show. More and more, visual artists like Adam, cinematographers like GMUNK, as well as lighting designers and laserists, are realizing that lasers can be used for more than just EDM festivals, concerts and tours. Laser provides such a diverse lighting medium, and as a result, we now see lasers being used for advertising, projection mapping, ambient lighting, corporate shows, product releases, and much, much more. And with further advancements taking place in laser technology, safety and control from companies like Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. we can only expect this trend to continue, for many years to come.

Show Tech

Pangolin’s new Beyond laser control software was used to create the laser projection effects seen in the video. The artists choose BEYOND due to it’s precise control capabilities, and custom geometric correction functionality, that allowed them to accurately position the lasers in safe ways, as to not interfere with the other cameras and equipment in the room. The laser control hardware used for the creation and playback of the content included Pangolin’s FB3QS laser control hardware.

The lasers used for the creation of the video included Two KVANT ClubMAX 6000 projectors, purchased through the Pangolin Projector Referral Network ( These specific units were chosen for their fast scanning capabilities (using the state-of-the-art Compact-506 Optical Scanning System) and because of their fantastic color balance.

About Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. 

Since 1986, Pangolin has amassed over 50,000 clients, firmly positioning our company as a world leader; providing software and hardware solutions to the laser light show and entertainment industries. Pangolin has offices in the USA, Central Europe, and Mainland China, and has received 27 awards for technical achievement and product quality. In addition, their software has contributed to more than 400 Artistic Awards for our clients. Pangolin has products being used by some of the largest events, companies, and brands currently known, including major theme parks such as Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Six Flags; major motion picture companies such as 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks pictures; high-tech companies such as PC Magazine, Boeing, and Lawrence Livermore Labs; popular brands such as Mountain Dew, Mercedes Benz, Google, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Samsung, and Motorola; major sports teams and events such as the Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia Eagles, and various Super Bowl events; and top-named musical talent and events including Madonna, Drake, Usher, Metallica, Maroon 5, Kanye West and Jay-Z, the Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jean Michel Jarre, Justin Timberlake, Electronic Daisy Carnival, TomorrowLand, Qlimax, Coachella, Tiesto, Armin, Skrillex, and many others.

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Adam LaBay is a visual designer based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He specializes in tour design and special effects for film: