L & P Service Invests in Robe Quality

L & P Service Invests in Robe Quality

L&P Service is a new technical services, production and rental company based in the vast and vibrant urban expanses of Mexico City which has recently invested in Robe moving lights.

It was founded in 2013 and is headed by Mariano Alfaya who is also a lighting designer, and his business partner Jose Luis Torres who is a sound engineer and production manager in addition to their duties running a busy and fast growing operation.

The two first met some years back during a tour with hugely popular Mexican pop duo Camila. Mariano was doing lights and Jose Luis audio and production – so together they made a great team. They also worked for and on numerous other companies and projects before deciding to pool resources, talents and experience … and set up L&P Services as a customer-focused, service-driven high quality venture.

Camila remains one of their regular clients, although Mariano has now stepped back a bit from being hands-on and touring so he can concentrate on developing the company.

L & P has bought 30 x LEDWash 300s, 20 x Pointes and 16 x MMX WashBeams all in the last year which were delivered by Robe’s Mexican distributor Vari International. The MMX WashBeams were the most recent purchase and were acquired specifically for the new tour which goes out in early 2015.

The company enjoyed a very successful first year and is now rapidly expanding. On the strength of that first year of trading, they decided the time was right to invest in the premium brand moving light technology that they had always wanted, which was the first purchase of LEDWash 300s.

This was quickly followed by The Pointes and then the MMX WashBeams which Mariano loves and intends to spec onto all of his own shows which will include Camila’s next batch of Mexican dates.

He likes numerous features on the Pointe, including the richness of the colours, the brightness and the light weight.

The Pointe is a “perfect fixture” for L & P he explains, also enthusing about the focusing and the speed of the zoom. “They are so dynamic - I can use Pointes in any situation and environment for every lighting scenario that is required,” he comments.

He’s been Camila’s LD for the last 6 years, and Robe fixtures are now firmly on the rider when they are playing shows in territories which are supplied by other companies.

He had wanted Robe at L & P right from the start, having worked with the products whilst an LD, however as a new start-up, they had to wait until the time was right and the capital was available. As soon as these conditions prevailed, they started buying!

While there are several companies offering cheaper alternatives from Asia in the market, L&P is finding that having a premium brand on-board has already paid dividends! Clients realise that they are serious about their business and regard the investment in quality brands “As a real commitment to providing the best service and standards for the client,” he explained.

L&P is currently enjoying brisk business, and in the middle of the September to December peak event season, is supplying around 20 events a month of various sizes and complexities.

Lighting Designer Alain Courthout – based in Europe but with many high profile Latin music clients  - specified over 250 Robe fixtures for the Alejandro Fernandez world tour that kicked off in 2013 and this really helped put Robe on the map in Mexico, and Alain was also LD for the most recent Camila tour that used L & P Services’ LEDWash 300s and Pointes.

Mariano and José-Luis have great ambitions for L & P Service, and all the signs are that they have had an extremely good start. 2015 is already looking busy with Camila embarking on a festival tour for which they will again be supplying lighting, sound, video and production.

They recently saw Robe’s BMFL World Tour demonstration presented by Vari in Mexico City … and are very keen to start using these fixtures too!

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