Kramer Signs Distribution Agreement with HighSecLabs
<p>Kramer Signs Distribution Agreement with HighSecLabs</p>

Kramer Signs Distribution Agreement With HighSecLabs

Opening Up New Markets for the Secure Switching of Keyboard, Video, Mouse & Data Signals

Kramer Electronics announces its exclusive global distribution agreement with cyber-security manufacturer HighSecLabs (HSL). The migration to secure switching solutions in areas such as healthcare, finance, government, and command and control was a key theme for Kramer at ISE 2015.

The agreement lets Kramer incorporate HSL’s secure signal-extending products in combination with Kramer’s extensive AV switching product line. All products are backed by Kramer’s unrivalled 7-year warranty. 

“Security is fast becoming a requirement for our global customers,” said Aviv Ron, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Kramer. “With the HSL agreement, Kramer raises the bar in switching solutions, providing the ultimate in security, accuracy and reliability. This exclusive global distribution agreement with a fantastic innovator like HSL enables Kramer to offer even better and more complete solutions into a wider range of applications.”

“With 26 offices worldwide, Kramer is uniquely positioned to deliver secure solutions for application-intensive, multi-display environments that require constant, real-time viewing and interaction with multiple sources,” said Zohar Vered, CMO and VP Business Development for HSL.

New product introductions

The K304 and K308 KM switches are designed for application-intensive environments. These products support keyboards such as Bloomberg and NASDAQ with smooth cursor navigation interaction across multiple displays.  Displays can be configured according to size and resolution.

The KVM K404F and K424F Combiner enables simple integration of up to four isolated sources into one combined display for simultaneous, real-time monitoring including situational awareness. Key benefits are touch-screen operation and intuitive Windows scaling and navigation. The combiner also allows connection between personal devices and matrixes. This is ideal for control center monitoring and government applications. 

All HSL-Kramer combined products are designed to support isolation between networks with different security classifications. The products are Common Criteria EAL4+ certified and are derivatives of the TEMPEST product used in NATO nuclear submarines. Modular architecture allows for easy future expansion.

Kramer Solutions at ISE 2015

Kramer’s Banking and Trading Solutions display at the company’s ISE 2015 stand demonstrated a scalable trader station using the K304 KM with a single keyboard and mouse to securely switch between banking, personal and networked computer inputs. Kramer’s Health Care Solutions display showed a typical medical control station where the K424F KM combined several medical video inputs.

“ISE 2015 was the perfect platform to announce this new global partnership and highlight some of the environments where our new solutions can be used. It inspired international integrators and end users to try out the new technology for themselves and to plan for future investments,” added Ron.

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Katinka Allender

Publicist, K-Communications & Associates

About HighSecLabs (HSL)

HighSecLabs (HSL) develops customized technological solutions addressing functional and cyber-security needs. The company's extensive R&D expertise position it to provide uniquely tailored solutions to leading vendors in the field with designs that are both user-friendly and compliant with harshest security and quality standards.

About Kramer Electronics:

Since 1981, Kramer Electronics has been a leading player and pioneer in the Pro AV industry. With 26 global offices across six continents and support and distribution in over 100 countries, Kramer offers an extensive and innovative Pro AV solutions portfolio for Corporate, Education, Houses of Worship, Government, Live Events, Healthcare, and more.

For over three decades, Kramer has built its reputation on strong personal relationships with its customers and providing the highest level of service and support in the industry.

Kramer has won numerous awards, including the 2013 Pioneer of AV Award at InfoComm in honor of its Founder, President & Chairman, Dr. Joseph Kramer. Kramer’s award winning analog and IP-driven solutions for collaboration, streaming and control are at the forefront of an ever-evolving Pro AV industry. Kramer’s consistent sales growth and expansion into new markets is a testament to the company’s commitment to R&D and reliance on customer feedback.

For more information, visit us at:

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