Kinetic Lighting Adds Elation Platinum FLX And Colour Chorus To Rental Inventory

Kinetic Lighting Adds Elation Platinum FLX And Colour Chorus To Rental Inventory

The latest rental company to add Elation’s award-winning Platinum FLX™ hybrid luminaire to its rental inventory is Glendale, California-based Kinetic Lighting, Inc. (, an award-winning lighting supplier in the LA area that has also added a quantity of Colour Chorus™ LED battens to its stock.

“There were several things about the Platinum FLX that made us decide to stock them in our rental inventory,” comments Kinetic Lighting President David Rosen. “It has the right mix of features – optics, form factor and price – and we get full CMY color mixing in a hybrid fixture. But we were especially impressed with its output. The FLX is the brightest beam fixture we rent. And while we still rent lots of Elation’s Platinum Beam 5R Extremes, and even the original Platinum Beam 5R, the FLX is a great complement to those while meeting the needs of clients who want even more output in a beam fixture.”

Kinetic first saw the FLX at last year’s LDI show, which prompted them to arrange a shootout with other hybrids at a Kinetic open house shortly thereafter. “We were impressed with what we saw,” Rosen says. “From a rental house standpoint, we liked the concept of having a hybrid fixture because it can fit a broad range of applications. Since it’s not a one-trick-pony, I envision them being used in a variety of projects. Concerts and EDM festivals can use the FLX as a super-high output beam light whereas corporate and special events can use it for projection and aerial FX in the same rig to save space and weight. It will also be a big plus for trade show applications - relying on the FLX to cut down on fixture counts, thereby reducing weight and power needs. We’re also doing good cross rental business with other companies who have also picked up the FLX, which is always nice.”

Another part of Kinetic’s investment involves stocking Elation Colour Chorus 12, 48, and 72 LED battens. LED strip lights have been a workhorse for Kinetic for years and Rosen says they were due to upgrade to a newer model. “We were sold on the Colour Chorus because this line has great output and RGBA color mixing that our most discerning clients love,” he says. “This investment also made sense since Elation stocks the Colour Chorus in LA. In fact, this was a huge factor for us. We usually need to get our hands on fixtures immediately when we buy. Elation has consistently been able to fulfill our purchase orders rapidly. The Colour Chorus is also a great value.”

Kinetic, who has operated in the LA area since 1996, has stocked Elation lighting for a number of years and Rosen values the professional relationship. “Elation takes seriously its relationship with dealers and rental houses and I’d like to stress how supported we are with Elation,” he states. “The other thing that’s worked out so well with Elation is that the company does a great job of stocking product here in LA. That has allowed us to capture certain opportunities that otherwise would have been lost waiting for backordered products to ship.”

Pictured:  Kinetic Lighting VP and Principal Lighting Designer James Schipper (l) and Kinetic Lighting President David Rosen

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Elation Professional is one of the world’s leading lighting and visual solutions providers and is the global brand of Elation Lighting. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Los Angeles, with European sales, distribution and support based in The Netherlands, Elation designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative yet affordable lighting and video products that are distributed through a global network of dealers and distributors. Made up of a spirited team of dedicated personnel, Elation is setting new efficiency and performance standards in Platinum lamp and LED technology and is acknowledged for a comprehensive commitment to Total Support. As a company in expansion with a presence in a growing variety of market segments, chances are you’ve experienced Elation lighting at a concert, special event, TV, theater, late night venue, House of Worship, theme park, cruise ship, exhibition, architectural space or elsewhere. For more information, please visit

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