i-Pix Launched Db1 Screen Beam At Frankfurt

i-Pix Launched Db1 Screen Beam At Frankfurt

Innovative UK LED lighting manufacturer i-Pix launched the latest version of its inventive Db1, a revolutionary new hybrid video and lighting projector that harnesses i-Pix’ proprietary Light Valve Video Projector (LVVP -- Technology) at Prolight+Sound this year.

LVVP unites two distinct elements of visual technology: The power of a soft edged wash light, driven by both DMX (intensity and strobe) and video (HD 1080p or SDI) inputs.


Chris Ewington, inventor of this and other trend setting technologies like the PixelLine LED batten and BB series’ LED wash fixtures, comments, “Db1 is a truly immersive experience that is full of creative potential. So if you are bored with the same old ideas being recycled … then the Db1 is for you!”

The Db1 light valve projects a light forward from the screen in a defined, soft-edged beam. It is not a wide-angled beam or a video projector … the beam of light is more like a traditional washlight. 

Colour and beam control are refreshed at 60Hz, enabling fast and dynamic beam patterns to be projected without the inertia inherent in moving lights. The Db1’s beam is projected at a right angle to the surface of the fixture, and by tessellating the Db1 array, beams become even more pronounced and clearly defined as the system is scaled. 

Transformative Properties

Lighting and video designers understand the rule of ‘less is more’, and the Db1 offers a truly fresh way of delivering content to the audience that captures the true essence of this rule.

When the appropriate video content is delivered into the units, the transformative qualities of the Db1 become evident with numerous eye-catching, mesmerizing displays energized.

Even the simplest, plainest - or even monochrome graphics - are impressive to see projected from the Db1, which brings a whole new perspective to the genre.

Market research and feedback from typical band audience members has shown that they are drawn to the familiar shape of the screen’s surface and simultaneously transfixed by the beam projecting forward, often describing a feeling of somehow being pulled into and becoming involved and absorbed in the content.

Says Chris, “We see this as a new and distinctive layer that can be added into visual designs as the Db1 will work comfortably alongside pre-existing technologies yet producing a completely new and unique effect”.


As with all i-Pix products, the Db1 has been engineered to be used day-in-day-out in arduous and extreme conditions and to withstand the rigours of the road.

For maximum flexibility, various rigging permutations – both portrait and landscape - are possible via an array of user-friendly quick release camlocs and a range of high quality dollies, yokes, tilting mounts and other floor based solutions will be available in  the initial rigging range … so the Db1 can be configured for multiple applications.

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