High End Systems TM-30/CRI Correction Filter

High End Systems TM-30/CRI Correction Filter

Automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems announced today that they have created the world’s first TMI/CRI Correction Filter for HES White LED automated luminaires. TM-30 is a new quality metric that was recently adopted by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) to supplement and eventually replace the old CRI (CIE) Metric for measuring fidelity of a light source. Designed to offer the lighting community another option, the new correction filter will allow users of High End’s SolaRange fixtures greater flexibility in TM-30/CRI levels and fixture output.

High End Systems’ Paul Hancock comments, “Standard White LED Engines emit very bright and cool color temperature light.  Generally speaking, ‘standard’ White LED Engines may have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 70-75.  This of course will vary depending on engine manufacturer and quality of the LED Engine.  There are High CRI LED Engines (CRI 90+) available.  One of the compromises with a High CRI LED Engine is lower light output, which is usually 20 to 30 percent less compared to the standard LED engine.  The TM-30/CRI Correction Filter is a custom dichroic filter which can be used to raise the TM-30 or CRI levels.  When the filter is used, the output of the fixture will be lessened, but the TM-30 and CRI values will measurably increase.”  

The major advantage of the TM-30/CRI filter is when there is a production requirement for high CRI, the filter can be used momentarily to raise the TM-30 and CRI values, and when there is no need, the fixture can return to standard operating output. This dichroic filter can be made available as custom color segment on the fixed color wheel or custom gobo on the rotating gobo wheel of any of the High End Systems SolaRange Fixtures. Hancock adds, “With patented technology like the Lens Defogging Systems, the TM-30/CRI Correction Filter for white LED is another example of the innovation High End Systems adds to the distinction of our fixtures.”

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