High End Systems Gear Adds Big Impact To Kansas Youth Gathering

High End Systems Gear Adds Big Impact To Kansas Youth Gathering

For a recent Kansas District Youth Gathering, Inspirmedia Productions delivered an all LED rig featuring High End Systems SolaSpot Pro 2000s, SolaWash 19s and SHAPESHIFTERs, with lighting control via a Hog 4 desk. The versatile lighting package for the gathering, which featured live music, comedy, keynote speakers and worship segments, was designed by Inspirmedia’s Executive Director Phil Grimpo and Jordan Schoen.

Grimpo says that High End’s bright white LED fixtures were obvious choices for the gathering. “We were initially told that we could not have haze for this event, and the room was rather small, but we still wanted a big impact. It seemed natural to use some sort of pixel mapping fixtures. Not only can the SHAPESHIFTERs and SolaWash 19's be pixel mapped, but the SHAPESHIFTERs have the added bonus of being able to move seven individual ‘lights’ inside that fixture.”

The LD also utilized four SolaSpot Pro 2000s on the gig. Phil comments, “The room was short, and there was no where to hang fixtures. In the past, the client had a ground lifted downstage truss; we didn't like that look, and it interrupted sight lines. In exchange, we went with the powerful SolaSpot Pro 2000’s, placing four of them on truss towers about 60-70' back from the stage. The SolaSpots provided proper stage lighting, and we also used them to texture the ceiling for walk-in looks.”

Grimpo points out that the Hog 4 was a vital production element on this show, as the console’s pixel mapping functions were paramount to expedient programming of the rig. He says, “Not only did we have the SHAPESHIFTERs and SolaWash 19's being pixel mapped, but also had six universes of Epix Tour Strips, and the Hog handled all this flawlessly. We were able to mock up the entire stage in the plot view, and load in the video we wanted before the show. Rather than getting complicated with an additional media server, etc. we were able to control everything from within the Hog natively.”

The Epix Strips flanked the LED wall and were held up with two horizontal bars, between three truss torms which were each mounted with SolaWash 19's on top. Jordan Schoen served as board op on the show. In closing, Grimpo says using an all LED rig for the Kansas Youth Gathering offered several major advantages over traditional automated lighting lamp technology. “Working in a small conference room, we always have issues with power and heat. Both of these were non-issues using an entire LED rig.”

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