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HG Lighting Design Launches Evoke Collaborative

Herrick Goldman of the award-winning firm HG Lighting Design joins forces with a team of designers to create Evoke Collaborative.

Building on years of successful collaborations within the lighting and production industry, HGLD has launched Evoke Collaborative to better serve clients on larger and more diverse projects in the U.S. and afar. Teaming up with Lisa Renkel, and Brad Peterson (projection design), Kara O’Grady (lighting design and project management), and Jonathan Talley, and Lois Catanzaro-Gordon (lighting design), the Evoke team represents a broad array of talented artists with experience in diverse disciplines. Together Evoke can achieve results on any scale and can work with manufacturers and vendors in a time and cost-effective manner that few other companies can provide.

“At Evoke, we tell stories and exist to help others tell theirs,” comments Goldman, founder and principal designer. “Evoke Collaborative provides our clients and fellow artists with the technical knowledge, creativity, and industry resources necessary to fashion world class experiences. Be they in a theaters, arenas, museums, galleries, architectural installations, TV or film studios; Evoke offers a talented coterie of artists to support any project that requires lighting, media, or a vision that will move people and create memories that persist in the mind of the audience. At the core, Evoke Collaborative is a team of experienced professionals delivering premium design services expanding the boundaries of what we’ve already achieved. Consistently creating more artistic and complex projects.”

At Evoke, the future is bright.

Evoke’s offices are located in Times Square, New York. Find out more at

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